“Is my level good enough for the Fluency Club?”

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Before joining the Faster Fluency Conversation Club, students often ask questions like “What kind of students are in the Club?” and “Do I have the right level?”

We all have the fear of being the person with the lowest level.

I feel the same way when I go running with a group…
“Am I too slow?”
“Will I hold the group back?”
“Maybe I can just do it alone… then I don’t have to worry about being the worst one.”

Before we try, we feel scared. And it’s normal.

Actually, 90% of students who join the Fluency Club feel scared about their level before they join.
But after they try the Fluency Club, they soon realize that they’re capable of much more than they imagined in English.

Let me share what some students felt before and after Fluency Club:

Dominique, a business owner from France said:
“I use written English in my work more than spoken English, so I was not confident about my spoken English and didn’t dare to hold a conversation.”

“Actually, the 1st session I participated in was a good experience. Speaking with the other participants was pleasant, and they were very open. I felt more confident after this 1st session.”

Gisèle, a retired assistant from France said:
“Before I joined, I certainly had a lack of trust in myself. I didn’t know if I would be understood by other members. I always felt like I fumbled around the right words.”

“I realized that even if I don’t have the right word, I have to continue the conversation. And I always found a way! I’m proud that I did this, and I’m more able now to go into conversations because I’m ok to accept that I won’t always have the right words, but I’ll always be able to communicate.”

Valdemar, a business analyst in Brazil said:
“When I looked at the Club information, I thought about the possibility of me not being able to follow the group, that I wouldn’t have a level high enough.”

“But I decided to try anyway, and this program helped me see that it really is possible for me to develop and communicate with other people who speak English. I really loved the interaction with people of different nationalities. My biggest impression is that it is possible for me to develop conversations. Before, I didn’t think I could. Now I know I can.”

See what it’s like inside the Fluency Club

In English we say “Seeing is believing”, so to show you, my team and I created a special video “guided tour” of the Club for you!

Every week these students connect to the Fluency Club and with each session, they’re becoming more fluent, more confident speakers of English.

As you’ll see, they’re just like you. They don’t speak perfect English, but they’re super determined to improve, and they’re doing it. They’re becoming fluent faster.

Tip: Be sure to watch this part of the video, where Club Leader Cara has a very revealing insight about what “fluency” is and how the Club helps you achieve it.

If you want to feel more confident and fluent speaking English…
Click here to start your Fluency Club sessions next week

Have a great weekend,

Join the Fluency Club today! You’ll get:

  1. Two weeks to try the Fluency Club with zero risk, to be sure it’s for you.
    Come to the sessions for 2 weeks, and if you feel like the Club won’t help you, just tell me. I’ll refund your money immediately and stop your membership.
  2. Free bonus: Free access to my resource pack “What Was That?” to correct 50 common mistakes in your English.
  3. -40% off your 1st month of membership. Use the code FFCC40 when you sign up for the program!

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