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Make a Good New Year's Resolution

Hi there! I’m your English coach Christina, welcome to Speak English with Christina, where you’ll learn American culture and business know-how to become confident in English.

There are effective and fun ways to choose your motivation for the new year.  Let’s make some good resolutions together. Let’s go!

1. Only One Goal

Most good resolutions get dropped in February.

So if you really want to keep your resolutions, here are some tips: pick only one.

You’ll be able to focus on it. Otherwise, it will only end up like any other “To Do list” you make during the year.


This year, I decided I’ll stop smoking.

2. Measure your progress

A goal where you can’t measure your progress is not a goal, it’s a wish.

We want some measurable milestones to reach. It will help us keep motivated! Even if it’s a very tiny one! You’ll never underestimate how hard it is to reach it, don’t worry.

And of course, measures mean a deadline as well.


I’m going to read one page of a book in English, every day for six months.

3. Get help from your friends, have fun

Good friends and family can help you keep your own resolutions. Tell them what you’re going to do, so you’ll feel bad if you fail.

That’s why it’s also easier if you set up motivation partners. Why not choose your resolutions together?

It can be a fun thing to do at a New Years’ Eve party too! Everyone writes down one good resolution that anyone can do, put it in a hat, and then at some point you all pick one from the hat and read it aloud.

That’s your new resolution for the year!


OK, I got: “Send handwritten letters to my friends once a month.”

Your turn now! A good resolution for your English?

Join one of my online courses, like Understand Real American English.

It trains your ear to understand Americans who talk fast! Then join our student group on Facebook and you can find a motivation partner.

There are already over 100 students in the Understand Real American English course, and I’m sure they’d love to help you stay motivated to improve your English.

Now, tell me: What’s your good resolution for 2019?  

Write your answer down in the comments!  It’s a great way to practice, and share with the world!

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If you feel frustrated because you can understand English lessons, but not real-world conversations this course is for you.

It includes videos of authentic conversations, lessons where I decode the fast sounds and colloquial expressions, comprehension tests, and even pronunciation exercises so you stop trying to translate in your head, so you understand quickly and naturally.

Click here to learn more about the course, create your student account, and start today!

Thanks for watching Speak English with Christina, and I’ll see you next time!

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