How Zan became a more comfortable and confident version of herself in English.

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Have you ever felt like you know exactly who you want to be in English?
Maybe you can imagine who that person looks like, sounds like. How they feel when they pick up the phone for a conversation in English.
Because you already are that person…in your native language.

Becoming a New You in English is not a problem of vision. If you’re like most of my clients, you understand what you want–and what’s missing!

The problem?
You don’t know how to do it. How to become that new, confident version of yourself in English.

And another common problem?
You might be thinking: “How can I improve if I don’t have the opportunity to speak English?”

That’s why I want to share Zan’s story with you today.
Zan is a purchaser in France who realized that the lessons she was already taking at a traditional language school weren’t enough. They weren’t helping.

She realized she needed to try something new–innovative.
She needed to immerse herself in English and give herself the opportunity to speak and practice–every day.

Here’s what Zan said before she decided to make opportunities for herself in English and in life. (Before she decided to join my Business English Mastery Virtual Immersion Program).

“Before the program, I didn’t really have opportunities to practice English every day…”

What if I told you that by the end of the program, Zan was the kind of person she wanted to be in English?  And that you can be too? 

Does it sound hard?  Maybe impossible?

I want to share Zan’s story with you so that you can understand that you can do this.
You can become your true, confident, competent self in English.

Even if you’ve already been trying for years.
Even if traditional courses and language schools haven’t worked for you.
Even if your job and your life demand a lot from you–and your English.

Let me share 5 takeaways with you from Zan’s experience to show you how to become a New You in English.


1. Become a New You in English: Know what’s difficult for you.
2. Become a New You in English: Try something new!
3. Become a New You in English: Make your English learning effective.
4. Become a New You in English: Accept yourself and don’t be afraid to speak!
5. Become a New You in English: Find a team to help you feel confident!

1. Become a New You in English: Know what’s difficult for you.

Here’s the thing:

Most of my clients have been working hard on their English.
They’ve been using traditional methods like the ones they used in school, university…language schools.
They’ve been doing all of those ‘traditional’ things for 10, 12…15 years. Or more!

You too?

Look, it’s ok to know that the traditional English learning experience isn’t working for you.
It’s ok to say “I need something else.”
Or even “I need to be able to practice speaking–every day!”

And if you’re like Zan, you’ve probably invested a lot of your own money in your English lessons too. Here’s what she had to say:

“…to be honest with you, it was expensive, but I didn’t learn a lot because they are not structured… the program was not structured.”

But here’s what you need to know: all of that time, effort and money that you’ve spent on your English is not lost.

You have a great start.
You are going to make some serious progress when you find what’s missing.

And what is that?

Here’s what Zan had to say:

“The everyday practice.”

GET THE WORKSHEET: Make sure you practice these expressions so you can use them in real life with this worksheet made for you by a Neurolanguage coach.

2. Become a New You in English: Try something new!

Being willing to try something new is not the same as saying everything you’ve done in the past was for nothing.
Because it wasn’t.  Everything you’ve done in the past years…or decades…brought you to this point.

Maybe you had a teacher who asked you to memorize all the irregular verbs…but didn’t help you learn to use them in a sentence or a conversation?
Ok, now you KNOW those verbs.
Just think what’s going to happen when you put all of those years of study into practice.

It’s time to take your expertise, your hard work and apply it.
Use it, practice it in conversation until you can be your real self in English in real life.

That’s why I find Zan’s story so inspiring. She took everything she had, all the studying…

And yes, some years of frustration…

And she turned that into an opportunity to change her English by enrolling in the Business English Mastery Virtual Immersion program.

3. Become a New You in English: Make your English learning effective.

If you watch the video of my conversation with Zan, you’ll see that she mentions the structure, the repetition–the chance to speak English with others almost every day.

When I see how concretely the Business English Mastery Virtual Immersion program helps people, I always feel proud and happy.

And I would love to have a similar conversation with you–about how far you’ve come and how much you’ve changed your English.

In the video, you’ll hear Zan talking about the habits my team and I help you build with Business English Mastery. The small steps you can take every day to change your English during this program–and for the rest of your life.

And would you like a tip for making your English learning effective–whether you’re joining one of my programs or just working on your own?

Here’s what Zan had to say about the importance of making your English practice relevant to your life…and fun!

“To learn fast and well, you should take pleasure when you learn, you should say to yourself, that is for you, it’s for your skills, for your inner competence. So you learn with pleasure and you learn faster.”

That’s the kind of learning I believe in. Are you ready to give it a try?

4. Become a New You in English: Accept yourself and don’t be afraid to speak!

One thing I love about watching people go through my virtual immersion program is watching how confident they become. And not just in their English.

People who have been in the program for a few months are confident about the way they learn.

They can help others around them feel more confident too–and inspire each other.

They give each other great advice.

Can you imagine feeling good about yourself in English?
Can you imagine being able to tell someone else how to make the kind of progress you’ve made?

Here was what Zan had to say about how to begin to change your English for good.

“…because they feel ashamed, you know, when they speak and they feel you judge their accent, their vocabulary, their grammar.  But I don’t have this kind of problem. When I learned French, in the beginning, I had this type of problem. And I overcame this. So, it’s just like… I tell people you have to overcome your own obstacle, and free yourself.”

5. Become a New You in English: Find a team to help you feel confident!

Maybe the most important lesson you can learn from Zan is that you don’t have to do this alone.

In fact…I wonder if you CAN do this alone. Really–learning to speak is about conversations, collaborating.  It’s a team effort.

And imagine what would happen if you had a team!

If you had expert teachers and coaches with you–who all want to see you be your true self in English.

If you had other super motivated English learners like you, encouraging you, and helping you keep going.

If your team reminded you almost every day that you CAN do it. You can be your best self in English too.

That’s just one of many stories of how students have become their true selves in English.

And there are many more success stories you can listen to inspire you.

And you?
What if you had your own success story with English?
What if all the hard work…
And sometimes the frustration…

…finally ended with you becoming your true self in English?

I’d love to help you do that. If you’d like to know more about Business English Mastery–or if you’re ready to enroll, everything you need is here.

Take the next step: Improve your English in the comments

The best way to become more confident using Business English is to practice!

Here’s your Confidence Challenge for this week:

  1. Tell me one thing that would be better for your if you changed your English.
  2. Think of ONE thing you can do to start working towards that goal.

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