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Webinar announcement & invitation to sign up

What are you doing on Tuesday? I hope you are free, because I have something special for you!

Tuesday November 19th at 17:30 CET (Paris time)  / 11:30am EST (New York time), I will do a live masterclass called “How to have better conversations, confidently…”

…and it’s going to be really good!

We will cover:

-The difficulties students just like you face in conversations
-How to make others like you… without saying very much
-The FORD method, for avoiding awkward silences
-The easy technique to make any conversation flow smoothly

And you will see, feeling confident in conversations is not about having ALL the vocabulary possible, it is about knowing how to use the vocabulary you have effectively.

When you feel this confidence, others feel it too. And that gives you good conversation skills in English.

Click here to register for the free Masterclass & I’ll email you the link to attend live!

(Plus, I’ll have some free gifts for you if you attend, to say thank you for making time for my masterclass!)

How to be confident in conversations: A course preview

During this Masterclass, I also want to give you a clear idea of the quality that you can expect in my new course American English: Confident Conversation Skills. 

You will see how the course will help you easily implement, practice, and feel confident using the techniques you learn in the Masterclass.

(Of course, you will learn a TON of things in the Masterclass alone! I have some great things that I am excited to teach you on Tuesday!)

Invest in yourself, for -50% off

I really want you to understand the power of this course to boost your confidence in conversations. And I would hate for you to miss the very special -50% offer that is available right now.

I really want you to feel more confident when you speak English… to stop feeling nervous about making mistakes… to stop limiting yourself and to start feeling like yourself in English.

This is my passion–helping you feel good about yourself in English–and it’s why I put all of my love and energy into my work!

My course American English: Confident Conversation Skills is the most specialized course for becoming comfortable in small talk conversations, especially with Americans.

…and I’m so excited to be able to teach you live, and to give you a little taste of how powerful great English lessons can be.

Our Masterclass on Tuesday should last about 30 minutes – enough time for you to learn some conversation techniques that will make conversations much easier for you.
(I think everyone likes to learn something new… especially when it is free 😉

Click here to reserve your spot for the Masterclass now

There are only 100 spots available. So please do not wait.

I hope to see your name on the list 🙂

See you then,

If you cannot come to the Masterclass, but still want to get the online course + 2 months of group conversation sessions for -50% off the regular price, you can get that offer immediately on this page.

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