CV In English: How To Present Your Level of English

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comment présenter ton niveau d'anglais sur un CV

Your CV will be so convincing that you’ll have to prepare for the interview!

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And now for this week’s episode, in English…

Summer holidays are finished now and it’s time to get back to work. Time to get back to your projects. Time to decide to reach your goals in English before the end of the year.

If getting a new job is one of your goals, please watch today’s video. You’ll learn how to present your English level on your CV so that it highlights what you can do, no matter what your level.


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Keeping an up-to-date CV that is well-written in English is so important. It’s a big job, but you can start by improving just one thing today.

Like the way you present your English level on your CV.

In this week’s lesson, you’ll get clear examples and language.

It’ll take you 15 minutes to do everything, no more.

Maybe you want to really boost your level before you write in on your CV. If that’s the case, check out this app for improving your business English, which is one of my favorites.

IMPORTANT: It doesn’t matter  if you’re creating an American resumé or an international CV, today’s advice is excellent for both.

Presenting Your English Level On Your CV

Now, I’d love to hear from you. More importantly, I want to help you.

How are you going to present your English level on your CV?

Leave a comment below with your answer. Do your best to share exactly what you put on your CV. This way, I and other SBFG Members can help you. Also, everyone in the SBFG Community can learn from you, too.

You’re more than capable of reaching the level you want to have, I know. I’ll help you find the time, find the right resources, and find the motivation to enjoy learning to speak better and feel great in English.

Thanks so much for investing in yourself with SBFG.

P.S. Help someone else invest in their future too! Send this post to your friends and colleagues who need a perfect English CV. You can help them boost their English and boost their career too!

Have a fantastic week in English,


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