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You know that my goal in life is to help you feel confident about your English speaking skills. I do this by creating positive, practical, step by step programs for you.

Why did I create American English: Confident Conversation Skills? 

Because small talk can lead to so many personal and professional opportunities for you! And I want you to be able to catch these opportunities.

Let me show you how you can easily become good at conversations in English…

A warning before we start… 

On Wednesday November 27th, the -50% off offer expires on the course American English: Confident Conversation Skills + conversation practice.

After Wednesday, the price increases to 297 euros, and the free conversation practice disappears. Are you going to let this opportunity to feel more confident in English pass you by?

If you want more confidence in conversations, click here to get this exceptional offer

To show you exactly how this course gives you confidence in small talk conversations, I have another special gift for you…

Free access to Lesson 1: You & your job

The best way to know if a course is for you? To try it for yourself.

That’s why I’m giving you access to the first lesson from American English: Confident Conversation Skills… so you can try it for yourself.

I’m sure you’ll love it!

Click here to access the complete 1st lesson for free

My personal tips for getting the most out of the lesson

  1. Listen to the audio dialogue several times (for example, while you travel to work!) You’ll start to identify key vocabulary and to feel the flow of the conversation.
  2. In the transcript, highlight useful expressions and clarify things you didn’t understand.
  3. Watch the video lessons. I explain key expressions, conversation strategies, tips to sound natural, and insights into American small talk culture.
  4. Test your English with the worksheets. There are 2-3 worksheets per lesson. You can write your answers directly in the PDF worksheets. And you have the corrections too!
  5. Develop better speaking reflexes with the interactive practice dialogue. Put yourself in a small talk conversation with me, and progressively become more comfortable.
  6. Evaluate your “performance” with the suggested correction
  7. Come to your group conversation sessions to practice your new conversation skills in real, live conversations. (This is possible after you join the course!)

–>This free sample lesson (and the -50% discount) is only available until November 27th.

You get access for life

The offer expires on Wednesday. But after you join the course, you have access to all lessons for life! So even if you’re busy now, that’s ok. You can get the course at the discounted price, then start when you’re ready.

Each activity takes only 15-20 minutes to complete. And I’ve organized everything for you to improve step by step.

As you complete the course, your English conversations will become much better. You’ll speak more confidently. You’ll connect with others better.

And then, who knows what opportunities will come to you…

Have fun with this first lesson,

Time is running out…
On Wednesday November 27th, the price increases and the free speaking option disappears.

Click here to join American English: Confident Conversation Skills today, and let me teach you everything you need, step by step.

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