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Master real American English presentation

First, a reminder: We close applications for my Master Real American English virtual immersion program on Tuesday September 24th.

Click here to apply now. 

Do you know what I love in Master Real American English? 

I love to see the real transformations students have.

Even after 3 months, you get big results: confidence, spontaneity, pronunciation, vocabulary…

You understand spoken English better, both authentic American conversations and foreign accents.

Here’s what Romina, a public affairs consultant in Belgium said after she finished the program:

“Now, I’m not scared like I was before. If I have a call in English, I can do it. There was a real turning point where I realized I can do it! I also understand much more, both native speakers and non-native speakers.”

(For Romina’s full review of the Master Real American English program, click here.)

How do you get a transformation like this?

1. To start, you apply to join the program. This is a live coaching program, so we have limited spots available! Don’t wait. Complete this form to apply for the program.

2. I interview to check your level and objectives. I want to be sure that this program is right for you, so that you have a fantastic experience!

3. We plan your “before” evaluation with me. After we finalize your enrollment, I’ll evaluate your level, your strengths and weaknesses, so we know how to help you best.

4. You start weekly private lessons with your personal teacher. With a 100% focus on you, you’ll progress much faster, to reach your own personalized goals.

5. You start group coaching sessions, with your business communication coach. Get advice on how to communicate effectively and appropriately in business. You become a better English speaker AND a better professional.

6. You join our Whatsapp group for students. Ask any question (like “What should I write at the end of this email?”), practice, and get social support from your “classmates” around the world, your business coach, and me. You improve even between sessions!

7. You participate in my Faster Fluency Conversation Club. It gives you the essential practice and common vocabulary for everyday conversation, so you speak confidently, smoothly, and fluently.

8. You get my online course “Understand Real American English. This  clear, structured program on fast spoken English helps you transition from intermediate “school English” to advanced, real-world English. (Bonus: You get lifetime access.)

9. After 3 months, we do your “after” evaluation. We do the same evaluation we did at the start. You have a “before” and an “after” video, to concretely see your transformation.

Want to know exactly how each part attacks your English from all angles?

I made a video to show you!

Applications close on Tuesday Sept. 24… If you think this program is for you, don’t hesitate.

Complete the application form today, to start your journey from intermediate to advanced English.

Talk to you soon,


Two of our coaching groups are already full…
If you want a chance to join the program, don’t wait to apply to join the program.

The course starts on Tuesday October 1st.

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