What would happen if you spoke advanced English?

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Benefits of coaching in English

“I could share my vision and my message with more people.”
“I could be at the top level in my company, and show a good image of myself.”
“I would have a feeling of freedom. I would feel powerful in my career.”
“I would feel like the person I am inside of me, and be a role model for my kids.”

When I ask students about their desire to speak English confidently, I realize that you guys have fantastic reasons to want advanced English.

Your reasons go deeper than vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation (even if those are important!).

For many, improving English is about how you feel about yourself, personally and professionally.

You can reach these great goals. But you can’t do it alone…

First, congratulations!

You’ve already done A LOT of work to have your current level of English. Congratulations!

But now, to get that final 20%, to be truly confident, advanced, a good communicator in English… you need a support system.

Imagine that you have an entire team to support you.

A team composed of:

  • Your individual teacher, to help you speak more correct English
  • Your communication coach, to help you get the nuances of appropriate communication
  • Your conversation partners, who practice with you so you stop translating in your head
  • Your classmates, to support, motivate, and encourage you
  • Me, to hold you accountable and push you to progress over 3 months

This (and much more) is what you get when you join Master Real American English.

 “A big change in your English…”

As Isabelle, a French entrepreneur and participant in the program said:

“It’s a global program. You and your teachers are very present in our lives for 3 months: by conversation, lessons, email, WhatsApp… and it was nice to be in a little cocoon. We can speak about everything every day and ask any question. It’s a big change in my English now!”

Isabelle is planning to move from France to the USA.

Her big dream? To create her business in the USA and become totally independent.

(You can get Isabelle’s review of Master Real American English, and hear about her story in this video. Click the “CC” icon to activate subtitles).

What is your big goal?

You know, the goal that requires you to be more confident, and better in English?

What would change in your life if you achieved that goal?

Are you ready to move closer to that goal (instead of doing nothing)?

If you said yes, let me show you how I’ll guide you on this journey, and the rewards that you’ll find at the end:

If you’re ready to start your transformation, apply to join the Master Real American English Program. 

Applications are open until Tuesday September 24th only, and the program starts the 1st week of October.

Let me and my team support you on your journey to a better career and more opportunities. Don’t wait…

See you soon,

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