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Since the last lessons, you now know the tools and resources to set up your own effective virtual immersion system to get an advanced English level.

But we didn’t talk about your worst enemy: Inertia 

You know, that the universal feeling of frustration against yourself: “Sometimes I know what I should do to become better… but I still don’t do it.”

When we don’t know what to do, often we choose to do nothing. It’s easy.

But it hurts us. We place limits on ourselves.

This is exactly how Aisha felt before she joined Master Real American English. She said

“I know all the things to do: read books, watch television series, etc. But always, I postponed it. And this program gave me specific times for sessions… and I wanted to get the most benefits from the program, so it motivated me to do the work to see my progress!”

(If you want Aisha’s full review of the program, click here. Click the “CC” icon to activate subtitles!)

If you feel limited with your English, it’s time for me to help you conquer the biggest challenges you face:

– Challenge #1 : You want to stop the excuses, and find time to focus on English.
What you feel: “I can’t find a good time to improve my English! I was busy all day today (even though I spent a lot of time on Facebook, to be honest).” 

→ Your solution: Have live sessions with an individual teacher. If you make an appointment in your calendar, you are more likely to make time to meet with your teacher!

Challenge #2: You feel stuck and don’t know what to do to advance
What it feels like: “I watch Netflix in English, and I read in English, but I still feel like my speaking is ‘school level.’ I hear things native speakers say, but I can’t use them when I speak.”

→ Your solution: Regular, structured conversation practice, where you have practical resources to give you more common vocabulary, and opportunities to use the vocabulary in real conversations… and a teacher to correct you in conversation!

Challenge #3: Too many options!
What it feels like: “I don’t need more grammar, I need more conversation skills, more social skills, but maybe pronunciation too… Or maybe more vocabulary… All of this… I don’t know where to start.”

→ Your solution: Work with a communication coach, who helps you define your priorities. A coach also gives you the right exercises to help you correct your biggest immediate problem and make you a better communicator in English. You only need to follow the plan.

If you feel limited by your English, it’s time to let my team and me help you, in the Master Real American English virtual immersion program. 

Today, let me help you decide if now is the right time for you to start this program.

Your path forward

With some planning, you can implement your own virtual immersion system!

But maybe you want someone to just give you the entire program instead. And you want a team of teachers, coaches, and classmates to push you to reach your goal.

If so, click here to learn more about Master Real American English and how it helps you transform your English in just 3 months

Talk to you soon,

This is a small, live program, so places are limited. You must apply to join.

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