A step-by-step, risk-free, proven program that get results? This is what it means

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Master real American English presentation

You have until Tuesday, April 30th to claim your spot in “Master Real American English”, before losing the opportunity. Click here to apply now.

(Don’t wait until the last minute, only a few places are available! I’ll contact earliest applicants first.)

Do you know what I love in Master Real American English?

It’s seeing the real transformations it makes in the lives of the students – even after only 3 months!

For instance, here’s what Antony, a French person living in the US and founder of his own homecare company, has to say about MRAE:

“This program is exactly what I needed to help me better understand the Americans I work with, and to speak more like them. It’s becoming easier to convince future clients to work with me, because I sound more confident talking about my business.”

For you, it’s totally risk-free!

First, if you do the work but you don’t feel like you get results within 60 days, no problem: you get your money back.

Second, to be sure the program will really help you, we’ll start with a personal “Before” evaluation / conversation. We’ll figure out together your own strengths and weaknesses in English, and what you want to achieve.

Soon, even after 3 months, you’ll get results: confidence, spontaneity, pronunciation, vocabulary… You’ll understand everyone better (even authentic American conversations or foreign accents.) And they’ll understand you back!

That’s what Rafael, a cardiologist in Argentina, can tell you:
“My meetings with Chinese partners are a tremendous success now, because I feel confident about my presentations, and we understand each other better. I really see a difference!”

So, step-by-step, what happens once you join MRAE ?

1. You’ll get an email from me in your inbox. We can set up a time for our one-on-one conversation to figure out your needs and your goals.

2. You’re invited to join a special Whatsapp coaching group for students. Ask any question (like “What should I write at the end of this email?…”), practice, and get social support from “classmates” all around the world, to keep improving.

3. You’ll start the lessons on my online course “Understand Real American English – a clear, structured program on fast spoken English, pronunciation, colloquial expressions… It will make you transition from intermediate “school English” to advanced, real-world English.

(If you’re busy, don’t worry: you get unlimited access.)

4. You’ll start the weekly private lessons with your personal teacher. With a 100% focus on you, you’ll progress much faster, to reach your own personalized goals.

5. You also get group coaching sessions with me & your “classmates.” Every week, I answer all your questions, and give you strategies that can help you learn in the long term. So you don’t lose your motivation after a few weeks!

6. You get access to my “Fluency Conversation Club”: it gives you the essential practice for everyday conversation, so you can speak more smoothly and fluently.

And I made a video to tell you everything about the program details:

As Dalila, a Senior Product Specialist in France, says:

“I really appreciate the modules for improving understanding, and the conversation sessions both individually and in group. It’s helping me to be less shy. It’s an important way to get more confidence in my conf calls, especially!”

We’ll work closely together (you, me, your teacher, and your classmates) to empower you and help you reach your goals.

And when the program’s over, you’ll get to see for yourself how much you improved!

See you,


PS : Remember, I’ll close the applications on Tuesday, April 30th There’s no time to wait!

I don’t know when I’ll open them again. Maybe in 6 months, maybe in a year…

Only one thing is sure: whether you apply or not, the best time to start working on your skills is today.

Click here to claim your spot on “Master Real American English.”

PPS : After April 30th, we’ll look at your answers with my team.

Since there are so few spots available, we’re looking for students with the right level and availability for the program. We really want you to get the best results!

If we feel like you’re a good fit for MRAE, we’ll contact you soon after to schedule an individual, free pre-enrollment consultation.

Click here to apply now

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