What does it take to master spoken English? [Free mini-course, part 1]

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As you may know, last weekend I attended a conference about teaching languages online. There were around 60 awesome teachers and many of them spoke 5 or more languages!

Their energy gave me the inspiration to create something special for you: A free mini-course about how to master spoken English.

And it starts today!

So often, students feel like their level of English doesn’t reflect the years they have spent learning English.

After 10 years (or more) something is still missing…

You’re doing your 3rd language course with your company, you still have issues with confidence and smooth speaking.

You think that your English is inadequate when talking to your boss, who has a good level of English.

Whenever you try to speak in English, like in meetings with American colleagues, you get blocked and can’t express your thoughts fluently.

Is this familiar?

It is for so many students!

So I wanted to do a mini-course to help you overcome these problems and learn how to master spoken English.

In our first lesson today, we’ll cover:

  • The importance of having the right mindset when advancing in English
  • 3 struggles that are blocking you from reaching advanced fluency
  • Why it’s normal that you feel like you advance at a snail’s pace
  • 5 concrete changes that you can make today to sound more advanced immediately

Be sure to have a pen and some post-its, so you can note those 5 concrete changes!

Now tell me:

What is the biggest challenge that is stopping you from mastering spoken English right now?

Then, on Monday, I’ll send you Part 2 of the course, on how to build a concrete, practical plan to master spoken English.

This is going to be a great journey together!

See you then,

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