How to reach an advanced level in English [free mini-course, part 4]


Since the last lessons, you now know the tools and resources to set up your own effective system. You can improve your English and get real, big rewards in your career!

But we didn’t talk about your worst enemy.

It’s “laziness.” Or the universal feeling of frustration against yourself:

“Sometimes I know what I should do to feel better… but I still don’t do it.”

So what do you do when you want to stick to your plan in the long term, over 3-6 months?

“Just do it, with willpower” is easy advice. It’s also useless, and dangerous! You will never actually change if you only think that.

You need to break down the problem into smaller, more specific challenges.

Why do you procrastinate? How can you fight back?

– Challenge#1 : Stop making excuses. Make time.

What it feels like: “I can’t find a good time to improve my English! I felt busy all day today (even though I spent a lot of time on Facebook, to be honest).”   

→ Your solution: Find a conversation partner! You can plan a time to meet together. Then you won’t get trapped into watching “just another interesting video” – you don’t want to leave them waiting!

– Challenge #2: Feeling stuck

What it feels like: “I don’t think another Grammar Video will help me, now…”

→ Your solution: Having a coach will help you set your priorities. When you’re working towards your most immediate goals, you’ll see progress faster and feel motivated to continue.

– Challenge #3: Too many options!

What it feels like: “I should learn grammar, but also practice real conversation, but am I forgetting about oral comprehension?… That’s too much! I’ll just take a quick look at Twitter instead…”

→ Your solution: An individual teacher can give you you the right exercises to help you eliminate the one thing you need to eliminate now. You only need to follow the plan.

And if you still have moments of doubts: remember your Motivation!

Write down the progress you’re looking for. For example, here’s a sample of what you can expect:

– 3 days from this day
→ You start using both natural learning (to train your ear) and deliberate lesson (so you don’t waste time.) You even recognize the fast pronunciation of a few everyday phrases!

– 3 weeks
→ You’re starting to feel more confident listening and speaking. You realize that you need to improve small talk with foreign colleagues, and get exercises on this specific point.

– 3 months
→ English conversations feel natural, and you can share your ideas freely. You’ve forgotten what “being blocked” feels like.

You don’t worry about your mistakes anymore, you start using colloquial expressions… Native speaker colleagues talk to you like “one of them”, they take you more seriously.

You feel proud of yourself. New opportunities open up…

Your Way forward

OK, so now I’ve sent you three lessons on Virtual Immersions. With a bit of planning, you can set up your own system! But maybe you want someone to just give you the whole program instead.

Tomorrow, I’ll share with you one more lesson. We’ll see the rewards you’ll get from becoming advanced, and why your traditional business English classes aren’t helping you become advanced.

Towards the end of the lesson, I’ll give you the details about my next program: Master Real American English.

We’ll officially open applications on April, 22, but if you’d like to pre-apply to get information on the full program:

Click here to fill the form “Your Visions of Success: What do you expect from improving your English level?”

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P.S. If you missed any of the three lessons, you can get them here now:
Click here to get the Virtual Immersion lessons.

Remember, I’m officially opening applications for my Virtual Immersion Program “Master Real American English” on Monday April 22. It involves one-to-one lessons, so I can only open a few places. Click here to let me know if you’re interested.

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