Here’s how to build your virtual immersion [Free mini-course, part 3]

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In the last lesson, we talked about virtual immersion. It’s your own personal system you can set up yourself, to improve your English starting right now.

No more excuses.
No more “One day I’ll just move to another country…”
No more “I wish I was better, but I don’t know how to make real change.”

Take a moment to breathe.
Close your eyes.

And tell me: what happens after you improve your English in an effective way?

First, you’ll get comfort and confidence. You’ll be able to focus on content of the conversation, rather than “wait, what does that word mean? Oh no, now I missed the discussion!”

People will see that you add real value to any conversation! They’ll stop seeing you as “that one person in the office who wastes everyone’s time with misunderstanding.”

Better, you can finally say what you mean!
When you have an idea, you can share it effectively.

You look smarter, more confident, more valuable – instead of always making a mistake at the wrong time!

When your English improves, your career (or business) can start targeting global markets.

You can find better professional opportunities. A whole new range of promotions are now possible!

How can you achieve all of this?

Today, I’ll show you the essential steps for an effective virtual immersion.

You’ll find concrete resources and a strategy you can use to make the best system for yourself – and finally change your life.

What are the best ways to reach your goals?
What will not waste your time?
What are the different angles you need to attack?

Now that you know how start building a program to reach your objectives, I’m curious to know: What are your immediate, most urgent objectives? Like if you had one coaching session with me, what would you want to focus on?

And what are your long term objectives, for the next 6-12 months?

And in our next lesson, we’ll see exactly how each of the elements in your program is going to help you improve a specific aspect of your English.

See you next week,

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4. Select your native language for the 2nd language
5. Click the button “translate”

Note that these are automated online translations, so they’re not perfect… But they can help you understand a bit better if you need it!

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