Mistakes to avoid in your American CV

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And now for this week’s episode…

You already know, to make a good CV in English, it’s not enough just to translate your French CV. Even before dealing with the language, there are big differences between a French and an American CV, a resumé. Besides, what is the difference between a CV and a a resumé?

In this week’s video, you’ll find the answers to these questions:

  • What is the difference between a CV and a resumé?
  • What should we absolutely avoid putting in?
  • Why are the numbers so important in your presentation?
  • Why are the “creation of a process” and the “coordination of teams” not desired on an American CV?
  • What to do with all these French-French diploma names?

Creating a CV takes already a lot of time, in French, but when you have to translate it in English, it feels like a turtle floundering in the mud of the Mississippi.
We ask ourselves many questions: How to present our career? How to turn phrases to be hard-hitting? How to get everything on one page? It’s a real pain in the neck!

If you are considering applying for a position in the US, or in an American company, I beg you, not to make basic mistakes in your CV!

As a good member of The SBFG Community, you have plenty of resources to help you be the star of your job interview, starting with your American resumé !

Errors to Avoid on Your American Resumé

If you still have questions after the video, leave me a comment. I always answer 🙂

I hope this video helps you take the first step in a new adventure, maybe even in another country! Going to live in another country is a wonderful experience. That’s what made me have the life I have today, speak a second language, help you boost your English and boost your career.

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