The most important thing you need to know to improve your Business English.

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The Most Important Way to Improve Your Business English

What is the most important thing you can do to become confident speaking Business English?
The answer may surprise you!

I talk to so many people who dream of speaking English.
They want to feel more confident and happier about their English level.

They want better opportunities.
And they know Business English can help them achieve their goals.

But there’s a problem.
They don’t know how to improve their English.

A lot of people I meet are already working hard on their Business English.
They are watching Netflix or YouTube videos.
Maybe they are even doing exercises online.
But, they are still not confident speaking English.
Especially at work.

Other people can’t get started because they think they don’t have the time.
They say “I’m too busy and there’s nothing I can do about it.”

There’s a secret that you need to know.
It will help you be smart and effective when you work to improve your English.

It’s a secret that can make the difference between having the time to progress with your Business English–or not.

What is this “most important thing?”

Good habits.

The most important thing that determines your success or failure is your habits.

With the right habits, anyone can become confident and fluent in Business English.


    1. Improve Your Business English with Habits: Make it Visible.

    2. Improve Your Business English with Habits: Make it Attractive.

    3. Improve Your Business English with Habits: Make it Satisfying.

    4. Improve Your Business English with Habits: Make it Easy (and convenient)

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1. Improve Your Business English with Habits: #1 Make it Visible.

Do you want to be sure you will improve your Business English?

Put your learning tools in a place you can see them. And where you can pick them up easily.

    • Keep your English book on the kitchen table.
    • Put your flashcards next to your favorite spot on the couch.
    • Leave a short list of words to remember taped to the mirror where you brush your teeth.

2. Improve Your Business English with Habits: #2 Make it Attractive.

Practice your English in a place that makes you feel good.
If you have a favorite chair or cozy spot on the couch, work there.
Or take your English review to a nearby park.
Find a way to make English time “me time.”

3. Improve Your Business English with Habits: #3 Make it Satisfying.

Simple things can make you feel satisfied–and help you continue practicing English.
What are some simple ways to find satisfaction and motivation in your practice?

Put an X on your calendar to say “I did it! I’m regular with my English!”

Set yourself a weekly goal: do a small amount of English every day.
At the end of the week, do something nice for yourself. You met your goal!
Celebrate with a nice coffee, a walk in the park or anything that is satisfying for you.

Take time to notice your improvements.
Once you learn to focus on habits, you will see improvements in your English.
Notice when you use an expression in a conversation.
Or when you feel more comfortable in your next meeting.

Also check out my lesson: 3 Communication Codes in American Business.

4. Improve Your Business English with Habits: #4 Make it Easy and Convenient

Start small.
Then it’s easy to accomplish your goals and feel good about yourself.

Yes, it’s ok if your first goal is to practice English 2 minutes a day!
The important thing is to find a habit and succeed.

Then you can celebrate your victories and decide to try something a little more difficult next week.

The satisfaction you will have when you start to reach your Business English goals will motivate you.

You’ll notice it’s easier to progress and achieve your English goals.
Because you know the most important thing to improve your Business English: habits.

Take the next step: Improve your English in the comments

The best way to become more confident using Business English is to practice!
Here’s your weekly challenge for this week:

  1. In the comments, tell us one new habit you’d like to start in English. What is one thing you will do each day this week–for just 2-3 minutes?
  2. And for an extra challenge–tell us one nice thing you will do for yourself at the end of one week of working on your English 2-3 minutes a day.

If you learned something from this lesson, please share it with your coworkers & friends. 🙂

You can send your message to them in English for more practice!

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