English Grammar Fun: Past simple vs Present perfect simple

past simple vs present perfect

Past simple vs Present perfect simple tenses

Do you have difficulties using the past simple vs present perfect simple in English?

Good news, you’re not alone.

In many languages, there is just one tense for this. But in English, we have two different tenses: past simple and present perfect simple.

This is why it’s confusing for you probably.

Today’s lesson will help you know if you should say “Did you go to Paris?” or “Have you been to Paris?”

And we’ll have fun, because this video includes an interactive quiz with me!

Let’s play!

Thanks so much to Speak English Ambassador Christine, who asked for a lesson on this subject.

Like I said, this lesson on past simple vs present perfect is interactive. It’s fun and will help you test yourself on these 2 tenses.

So get a pen and paper, and let’s have some grammar fun!

Past simple or Present Perfect Simple in English - English Grammar Fun Time

If you want a detailed explanation of the present perfect simple, I recommend you read this article. 

Now, what about you?

Did you know that you could sometimes use both the past simple and the present perfect tenses and be correct?

Let’s talk about it together in the comments!

Have a great week in English,


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