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questions about master real american english

The professionals who get the MOST out of Master Real American English are usually the ones who ask the most questions.

Personally, I love it.

Because, in fact, I only want you to join our program if you know, without a doubt, that it’s the missing link between you and new business opportunities. You want to be sure you’ll be able to get enjoyable, exciting (and profitable!) career changes.

So here are the most common questions I’ve seen over the last few days.

If you’re hesitating about the MRAE program, then one or two of these questions might have been bugging you this week…(Sorry about that.)

(If you want to apply for the program and just forgot last week, click here to apply now)

Let’s jump right in.

1. What if I don’t have the right English level for the course?

Great question.

So many students get classes or courses that are either too advanced, or too easy.
In one case, they lose all motivation and confidence, so they don’t actually improve. In the other case, they don’t learn anything new, they’re wasting their time.

But you need to get results, you want to improve fast, you need a course that’s really fits you. Following the right course for your level is the only way to improve!

That’s why Master Real American English starts with a free pre-enrollment consultation to verify the program is for you and vice versa.

Then, when you enroll, we do a“Before” interview – so we can see together how to evaluate your own starting point, your difficulties and your personal goals.

You don’t need the same lessons if you want “to impress your American clients,” or if you want to “understand what your Spanish suppliers are saying in English” !

This is part of what makes the program unique: it’s both a personal program, and a structured course to help you get results. In only a few months.

2. What if I go on vacation in July? Will I miss coaching sessions?

When you join Master Real American English, you get 3-months worth of coaching / teacher / group sessions. Starting in May. So you might not be as available in the final month. I understand!

Don’t worry: you’ll get to define with your teacher & coach which lessons you can’t attend, and return to the program again when you return from vacation.

We’ll do everything for you to get the results you need.

3. Can’t I just use a book? Or keep watching American movies with subtitles now and then?

Books are great. You can learn a ton from them. Enjoying American culture is fun too, and you can get a few things out of it as well.

But it takes a long time to see any effect (especially once you’re past the “complete beginner” level.) And it takes real discipline.

Are you really going to keep learning “a chapter a week” once it starts getting busy at work? Be honest.

Of course, if you only want to learn enough English to order a coffee at Starbucks in New York City, or because you’re a fan of grammar, go for it! These are perfectly valid reasons to learn a language.

But if you’re a professional who wants to be credible in front of your colleagues, get promotions, and boost your career, then you need real results. Quickly.

Master Real American English uses both “Virtual Immersion” to practice your English (with real people with real accents from all around the world), structured courses, and live lessons.

That’s how you’ll get real results: by attacking the problems from all angles.

4. Will I have the time to participate fully in the program?

I designed Master Real American English to fit the schedule of busy professionals. You can follow the program wherever you are (it’s all online!) and some parts are flexible in the schedule.

So don’t worry, we’ll do everything so you stay motivated and get results, even if you don’t have much time.

To get to the next level, though, you’ll need to invest your time, of course. There’s no magic formula. All in all, I recommend you put 3-4 hours a week into the 3-month program.

I can assure you, none of this will be wasted time. It’s an investment in yourself, to finally get more career opportunities.

A little time spent right now, that will help you get that promotion – a way to get years ahead in terms of future income, for your whole life!

5. Remind me of all I get when I enroll?

Concretely, here’s what you’ll get when you join Master Real American English:

  • A personal evaluation of your strengths and goals in English
  • Weekly private lessons with an individual teacher that will follow you for the whole course, one-on-one
  • Weekly group coaching sessions with me and your “classmates” to stay motivated and learn strategically.
  • Lifetime access to my Understand Real American English course, to learn with a structured, effective method
  • You enter my exclusive Faster Fluency Conversation Club, to practice conversation for 3 months.
  • You’re invited to join our private WhatsApp group for coaching students – find help, ask your questions, get support.

After the course, you’ll get an “After” evaluation to judge for yourself how much you improved.

6. Is it really risk-free?

Joining an exclusive, effective program can be a tough decision. But it’s an important one. You shouldn’t let fear influence you here. That’s why I made it extra-safe: you have a 60-DAY RESULTS GUARANTEE.  

If you enroll, put in the work, and don’t get what you want: you get your full money back.

Still got questions? I answer 11 other questions in the video below.

And if you’re still not sure, send me your question by email.

So that’s it.

At this point you should have everything you need to make the best choice for you and your career.

If that road leads you into Master Real American English

Then I look forward to meeting you on the inside.

All my best,


PS : If you DO decide to join me and all your peers from all around the world inside MRAE, then make sure to apply before the door closes tomorrow. If you’re eligible to join, we’ll then contact you to book your pre-enrollment consultation.

I’d hate for you to lose access to this exclusive program for a bad reason.

Click here to claim your spot in Master American English

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