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Registrations open for Understand Real American English

Today’s the day! Registrations are open for my course Understand Real American English!

“Understand Real American English” is the only program that teaches you to understand authentic, unscripted conversations between Americans PLUS improve your pronunciation.

With URAE, you’ll be able to

  • understand everyday conversations in American English, at normal speed (which sounds so fast)
  • catch the subtle expressions and cultural references, because I decode the subtle nuances for you
  • feel more confident because you understand better.  You’ll have the same expressions Americans use in everyday conversations!

Curious to know more?

Click here to see how this course helps you better understand fast-talking Americans

Join before Friday January 25, and you get:

  • 25% discount off the official price (129€) of the Understand Real American English course
  • TWO months of live conversation practice in my Faster Fluency Conversation Club, for free (value: 98€)
  • “What Was That” Resource Pack to avoid 50 common mistakes in English (value: 7€)
    It’s worth 234 euros…but you can get it ALL for just 97 euros today.

URAE offer Jan 23-25

This exclusive offer is for motivated students, who take action to get the course before midnight Friday January 25.

If you have difficulties understanding Americans when they talk fast…
If you want more confidence thanks to regular speaking practice…
If you want to avoid common mistakes in English…

This special offer is PERFECT for you!

See you soon,

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