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Master Real American English reviews

If you’re like me, you probably have some doubts before joining a program. I always take a long time to ask myself: “Does this program really work for me?” and “Is my level good enough for this program?”

Before joining the program earlier this year, one student, Benny, had exactly these questions:

“I think the big question was “Is my level of English enough?”, and the whole question of feeling comfortable. And “Am I really going to use it? Is it going to be good for me?”

Maybe you have similar questions, and that’s normal!

That’s why today, I’d like to share Benny’s story, so you can get answers to your questions, from a student who has experienced Master Real American English.

Benny is from Peru, and he lives in Panama City now. He works for a company that manufactures products in the USA. They also buy and sell in many other countries.

For him, it’s very important to use English correctly, and to feel comfortable in English.

How Benny felt before Master Real American English

Just before he joined Master Real American English, Benny said:

“I realized that it’s not enough just hiding the closed captions when you see videos on the Internet. And sometimes, I struggle trying to say what I have in my mind. I wanted, once and for all, to master that.”

He even told me about specific times when he limited himself, because of his English:

“Often, I was in meetings, and the guy leading the meeting asked questions, and I already had my answer in my mind, but I struggled to say what I want to say. In the end, I said one or two words, and then I got out of the meeting feeling frustrated about not sharing my ideas.”

This was Benny’s experience at work, and I’ve heard so many similar stories from students!

How Benny increased his confidence in English

After we finished the Master Real American English Program, Benny felt a lot of changes! Here are just a few:

  • “You get used to hearing different accents, like in the real world”
  • “When I’m talking to people I never met before, I’m definitely more comfortable”
  • “I felt that the different parts of the program helped different situations, and altogether, it improved my English”
  • “I got better at different aspects: pronunciation, new words, expressions, idioms… I feel prepared for real life and real situations in English”
  • “I even found new friends…” and “I understand more quickly the lyrics in songs in English!”

Of course, it’s better to hear Benny’s complete story from him! I’m sure you can identify with his feelings, and feel happy for the progress he made (because you can do it too!)

Imagine yourself in Benny’s place… Now imagine the changes you’ll feel in 3 months, after you finish Master Real American English…

And if you’re still asking “Is this program for me?”, I’ll leave the final words to Benny:

“I think it’s for everybody. You’ll have to work hard to make it work, but it’s fun because you meet people from around the world, you face different situations, you can even find new friends! 

It’s going to help you in different aspects of English: pronunciation, new words, expressions, idioms. And you have a difference in real life. It’s going to prepare you for a real situations.”

If you feel this is the program you need right now, click here to apply for your place in Master Real American English. 

See you,

PS : Applications close on Tuesday September 24th.
Then, I’ll contact people who applied, to answer any final questions and discuss enrollment.
Click here to claim your spot on Master Real American English right now.

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