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If you’re like me, you probably have some doubts before joining a program. I always take a long time to ask myself: “Is this really for me? What if I don’t understand everything? What if I already know everything?…”

You probably have these questions about Master Real American English, too!

And that’s exactly what Ahmed asked himself before joining the program:

“Will MRAE improve my English skills or not? Does it work for me, or not?
This is an important point!  Because I joined another course before, and it didn’t really help. Will the instructor understand me, and accept me with my weak English language skills, or not?”

Ahmed is a 29 year-old business analyst from Egypt. He’s currently enrolled in Master Real American English.

He’s eager to learn, and he knows he still has a long way to go–that’s why he made the leap to improve his English skills with a program that works.

Today, he’ll share with you his journey towards an advanced level of English.

In his work, Ahmed often needs to speak with foreign companies, in English: interviews, situations, conference calls…

And as he says:

“I faced many difficulties before I joined the Master American English course. The first thing I needed to face at the time was: confidence. My mother tongue is not English, so when I meet someone who speaks English fluently, I lose my confidence…

I also needed to work on my listening skills. I couldn’t always get every word, or what people always meant when speaking.  […] With a client, if his mother tongue is English, you should be able to understand him well, to stay at his level – and when you ask him any question, he should understand you.

I needed to improve these skills to improve my career.”

These are real problems, that have an impact on his job and credibility!

He’s been a passionate student since February.

With Master Real American English, I saw him improve over time, reach his own goals, solve real communication problems.

And now he still looks forward to improving even more, with the personalized, effective system of Master Real American English.

Soon, I close applications for the few places available for you, for this session.

For now, I’ll leave the last word to Ahmed:

“To be honest, I am very happy to have joined this program. Really.
You listen to me well, and this is very important for me.
The instructions that I follow and which you provided, got me to improve a lot.
The private, individual sessions helped me in the specific situations that I face in my company, on a daily basis.

I love the materials, and your videos and quizzes after every video! It helped me improve my listening skill, understand new vocabulary, accent…

This program helped me to gain more confidence when speaking English!”

See you,


PS : Applications close on Tuesday April 30th. Then, I’ll contact people who applied, to answer any final questions and discuss enrollment.

Click here to claim your spot on Master Real American English right now.

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