Sophie’s Story: from nervous in interviews to new clients!

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Today I’d like to share a special story with you.

It’s about Sophie, who has her own company here in France with clients based in the US in the pharmaceutical industry.

Now her business is going really well, but a couple of years ago, she realized she really needed to take small steps towards a lot more confidence in her Business English.

She especially needed more confidence speaking so she could do interviews on Zoom–and get new clients.

Here’s what she had to say about why she decided she really needed to do something about her English–and why she joined Speak Business English Confidently.

“When I signed up I had two objectives: to improve my English, of course, but also to improve my confidence. Because I had the chance to follow you before I signed up, and it was exactly my feeling–that we can improve confidence with small steps.

And it’s really this method that convinced me at that time to be able to improve myself maybe more my confidence but my English.  To be more comfortable with my clients, to be able to have interviews with them, because, yea, everything is through Zoom now.”

So how did Sophie know she had a problem with her Business English–and that it was time to fix it?

What did she do about her problem?

And could you solve your Business English problem too?

We’ll talk about all that today–and if you haven’t seen it already take a minute to watch my interview with Sophie here.

I hope it will inspire you to see that it is completely possible to decide you have a problem–that thins are not how they should be…

And then to do something about it.


1. Takeaway 1: How Sophie knew she had a problem with her Business English.
2. Takeaway 2: How Sophie knew she had to try something new.
3. Takeaway 3: How Sophie reached out to someone who could (really) help.
4. Takeaway 4: Success is specific–know what it looks like for you.

1. Takeaway 1: How Sophie knew she had a problem with her Business English.

I wonder if you’ve ever had a business situation where you were so nervous that you  over-prepared? You know…you’re nervous about a job interview or a big meeting–and you know that maybe your English isn’t good enough to improvise. You know when you try to control everything.

It’s stressful trying to imagine every possibility and somehow prepare for it–and still not enough!

Here is what that experience was like for Sophie:

“When I started…I started with my first interview, and I prepared this interview very, in a very detailed way–and uh, so I was not spontaneous during this interview. I didn’t get the job and I tried to, you know, to go back to this interview to try to understand what was wrong and so it was like some difficulties to summarize things, difficulties to find the right phrases, the right vocabulary and also this feeling of missing confidence.”

Do you need help with a Business English situation–now? My program, Speak Business English Confidently helps busy professionals with their specific English goals. You can check it out here.

2. Takeaway 2: How Sophie knew she had to try something new.

When you realize you have a problem…
And you realize that everything you’ve done in the past hasn’t solved it yet…
You have two choices.
Live with your problem.
Make a change.

Luckily, Sophie realized that she needed to try something new if she wanted her English to improve enough for her to be confident in interviews… and spontaneous.

Here’s what made her decide to try something different in her language learning:

“Your program proposed a lot of conversation and I thought that, yes, I need to practice conversations with others, with people I don’t know–and it will be for me a good exercise, to get out of me. To force myself to speak, to force myself to explain what I do for a living, who I am, basically questions that interviewers ask you–all the time.”

It can feel a little scary to force yourself to ‘get out there–which is why fun is so important!

Sophie understood that too:

“I thought, ok it’s a good program because I will do that in a funny way and I will practice.”

And it’s also so important to be around people like you–who help you feel more confident.

“I started with the FFCC club and yes,  it forced me at that time to speak with people I don’t know I think it will be a very good exercise and from different languages–so no choice, you have to speak.”

If you’re ready to try something new and change your English, see how my team and I can help you with Speak Business English Confidently.

3. Takeaway 3: How Sophie reached out to someone who could (really) help.

Sophie, like a lot of the amazing people I work with, thinks carefully before choosing a new direction–or calling in someone to help her.

“I’m not the kind of girl who decides, like that. I followed you during one year, your videos, all the content you share, freely…your personality, your character, the way you share things, tips, the way you always try to propose other things for your students. And I said, ok that’s the program for me because I can pick up what I need. And, um, it’s always very practical, yeah, I signed up for that.”

And since Sophie has a strong business background–she didn’t just need someone that  could help with her Business English.

“My first objective was a conversation, and improve… my conversation knowledge and to feel more confident. 

After that I decided to have a website. So as my clients are from the US the objective was to have the entire website in English. 

So I thought that maybe I need to change um and to have 1:1 lessons with a private teacher so I had the opportunity to meet Karen who has a very strong experience and what’s good is that yes, I had the English side, but I also get the mindset of, the US company mindset, the culture, … what is important for my US client…and so she shared that with me, all her experience and that was very good. 

It was more than English alone, it was like a coaching. The coaching approach is very important.”

Takeaway 4: Success is specific–know what it looks like for you.

When you have your own business and have worked at it for years, success is a really specific thing. For Sophie it looked like more confidence in interviews…and new clients!

“Before I started…I didn’t make any contracts. So after one year my website was online, I received a lot of good feedback from my US clients, and I had the opportunity to sign three contracts using Zoom as the tool of interviews …I prepared these…to learn how to be consistent, to be short, everything is positive for me. 

The first thing I would say, um, I’ve got repeated business, so I think that’s a good sign, and the second thing is that, um, I can propose to my client a larger , a wide type of services so I also have the chance to work with new partners… a nice aspect of the company’s evolution…

I think as I got more confident in English I feel myself more comfortable to try new things as well.”

What would your life look like if you experienced success with your business English goals?

What would it feel like to go ahead and contact that new client, and give it a try–like Sophie can now?

What are the (specific) ways you’re holding yourself back–the things you might be doing if your English would let you?

Sophie’s is just one of many stories of smart, busy clients who have chosen to step out of their comfort zones and find confidence in their own business situations with my program Speak Business English Confidently.

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  2. And tell us what your life would be like if you achieved that goal.

If you learned something from this lesson, please share it with your coworkers & friends. You can send your message to them in English for more practice!

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