Successful Small Talk discount

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Successful Small Talk discount

Today I want to inform you of an important update.

Next Wednesday June 19, I’ll open the doors to a special discount on my course Successful Small Talk. It’s my in-depth program for professionals, to help you master social skills in English, and unlock great conversations (and business opportunities!)


SST is a 15-part training program that gives you the vocabulary, strategies, and conversation skills you need to smoothly navigate any social setting in English.

Making small talk won’t be a challenge anymore — but a fun opportunity, that can give you a lot in return…

Every lesson includes an audio dialogue, transcript, a 10-15 minute video lesson, worksheets, and interactive practice dialogues (you need to implement what you’re learning!), plus Small Talk Planners to personalize what you learn and implement it in your life — so you can shine as a friendly, likeable professional!

  • Lesson 1: Introducing yourself in a natural, conversational way
  • Lesson 2: Creating connections with the other person so they find you interresting
  • Lesson 3: Talking about business in a casual, friendly way
  • Lesson 4: Welcoming a visitor and making them feel comfortable
  • Lesson 5: Offering a drink and making friendly conversation over coffee
  • Lesson 6: Discussing cultural differences & questions in a polite & respectful way
  • Lesson 7: Inviting someone to join you for a meal to get to know them more
  • Lesson 8: Conversation over a meal: describing food and deciding what to choose
  • Lesson 9: Using your environment to make easy small talk while you wait for the food
  • Lesson 10: Discussing movies and series that you enjoy in your free time
  • Lesson 11: Telling stories and talking about good books that you’ve read
  • Lesson 12: Managing conversations about sensitive or controversial topics with grace
  • Lesson 13: Starting a conversation & keeping it going when it slows down
  • Lesson 14: Sharing what you did during your weekend or vacation
  • Lesson 15: Advising & asking about things to do in your city

These lessons cover the topics you need to build enjoyable business relationships that can boost your career and make your work easier.  

You have two options to make the most out of SUCCESSFUL SMALL TALK:

  • The “Essentials Pack” : the online course, to learn at your own pace
  • The “Booster Pack”: the online course + live lessons, to accelerate your progress


I know your time is valuable — and limited. That’s why the SST Essentials Pack is completely online, so you can go at your own rhythm.

Your life is busy, so you need a very flexible schedule for your self-improvement.

That’s why you can complete each SST lesson on your schedule. If you complete one lesson a week, that’s awesome. If you need to go slower and take more time, that’s fine too.

The course is yours for life, to use exactly when you need it.


Motivation is hard. Self-discipline is worse. You want to improve your English, but you know you can’t depend on yourself (because life & work are always busy.) That’s why a real teacher can give you the extra push to stay motivated and complete the course.

That’s why the Booster Pack is so helpful!

With live lessons and live speaking practice, you get personalized feedback and extra practice – so you can correct your mistakes before you try it “in the real world.”

With the “Booster Pack” Experience, you get:

  • Lifetime access to the online course
  • Live conversation practice + more vocabulary for 3 months
  • 6 live group lessons to go through the course with a teacher

The Booster Pack will accelerate your results, and boost your social success.

When you join SST (Essentials or Booster), you get access to:

  • 15 video lessons to watch at your rhythm
  • 15 audio dialogues + complete transcripts
  • 35+ practical exercises on grammar, vocabulary, and conversation skills
  • 15 interactive practice dialogues, in video & audio versions
  • 15 corrections of the practice dialogues, so you can evaluate yourself
  • 5 Successful Small Talk Planners
  • Lifetime access to all video lessons and course materials​

“What if I’m already a Successful Small Talk student, with the Essentials Pack, and I want to get the live practice & lessons in the Booster Pack?”
Simple! Just send me an email at and we’ll help you with a special solution!

Even if you already have the Essentials Pack, you’ll get a lot of value out of the Booster Pack – to complete the course (again), to put it into practice, and to get a lot more confident.


Successful Small Talk has already helped a lot of students to improve their social skills, master small talk, and create new connections!

Here’s what some of them say:

→ Isabelle, Financial controller in the Netherlands:
“I often have business trips with my colleagues, and I need a lot of vocabulary for conversations with them. That’s what I got in this course, with the high quality, personal touch, and motivation of Christina’s teaching skills.”

→ Olivier, Chief Technical Officer in France:
Before, I didn’t make small talk because I was too afraid. I learned vocabulary, strategies, and cultural differences in this course, and I’m more confident now. The human aspect of the course is a real plus!”

→ Anna, School teacher in Russia:
“With just one phrase from the course, I started a conversation that led to a great friendship with a Spanish person! I love how this course is full of practical expressions & situations, presented step by step.”


Successful Small Talk is available all year.
But for a few days starting next Wednesday, June 19th, I’ll open a special discount for you:

→ With the Essential Pack, you get a discount and a special bonus: one month of Fluency Club to practice live conversation and get feedback (for free!)

→ With the Booster Pack, you can get a 248€ discount and two more months of Fluency Club (so you get 5 months instead of the regular 3 – for free!)

If you don’t use the opportunity, that’s OK. You can still join after that special period (you’ll just miss out on the cool bonus and the extra discount.)

Be careful though: early next year, I’ll add many new features and lessons to the course.
If you wait around to “think about it, maybe later…”, miss the deadline, and come back in six months: you’ll pay the new price.

But if you join next Wednesday, you’ll get the new features when they’re available – and you won’t have to pay anything more, of course. Between next week and next year, that’s a 40% discount on the whole course!


You will NOT get value from SST if you…

  • Just want quick tips or miracle “fluent in 2 weeks” solutions
  • Don’t use English in a professional environment. You’ll probably get more value from this program or this program.
  • Have a beginner or elementary level in English. This course is for students who have pre-intermediate (B1), intermediate (B2), or advanced (C1) levels.

You’ll get TONS of value from SST if you…

  • Work with foreign colleagues in English
  • Attend international conferences, exhibitions, or networking events
  • Feel ok talking about technical topics, but feel lost talking about everyday topics with colleagues, clients, your boss, etc.
  • Are tired of only making short, basic conversations because you feel blocked
  • Feel awkward in social situations because you don’t know what to say
  • Know you need to improve your conversation skills & vocabulary, but want something structured, practical, and easy to follow (not random free resources with no structure).
  • Wish you had the confidence and vocabulary to make good conversations
  • Feel like you lack that special skill to become a friendly, likeable professional in English

If this sounds like you, then I’d love to see you in the Successful Small Talk Course when enrollment opens next week. Once again, here are the key details you need to know:

  • What: In-depth training program (with optional live lessons) to stop being afraid of small talk in English, and learn the tips, vocabulary and techniques to make you a smooth master of social skills.
  • When: Discount “Early Bird” period opens on Wednesday, June 19th, closes Sunday, June 23rd.
  • Who: English-learning professionals, working in an international context, who want a real program to improve their small talk, and to be able to leverage their social skills into new opportunities.
  • Where: Course materials (and the live lessons and practice groups) are online and accessible from anywhere in the world

Note: Once the “early bird” discount ends on Sunday, June 23rd, Successful Small Talk will soon return to its (higher, with no bonus) normal price until the end of 2019, where it will be updated and more expensive.

So keep an eye on your inbox for a ‘doors open’ email on June 19th!

If you have any questions about SST, or if there’s anything I can do to help you get a better feeling if the program is a good fit for you (or not), just hit reply and I’ll be happy to help you.

Hope to see you in Successful Small Talk next Wednesday!

See you soon,


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