Why do you want to improve your conversations in English?

Is Successful Small Talk effective

We all have personal reasons to improve our social skills & conversations in English.

Are you planning a career change?
To boost your opportunities?
To make friends and contacts in a new country? Better relate to your colleagues?

If you want to do it this year, don’t wait to join my Successful Small Talk program. It closes this Thursday July 4th!

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Here’s why Sabine, an artist based in France, decided to join
“I decided to join your program because I have clients in many different countries.  English is obviously my main language with them. 

Basically, I was afraid to speak with other people because I thought I didn’t speak very well in English. I made mistakes, and it was difficult to speak fluently. And speaking smoothly is important in my profession!” 

After she joined Successful Small Talk, she got a ton of value out of it. I was so happy to see her progress, especially because she was so afraid before joining. But not after!

That’s the kind of change you can expect with this program. As Sabine said:

“This course is a beautiful boost of confidence for me! It helped me really improve my English, and feel confident with other native English speakers. 

Now I have the vocabulary and the tools, the strategy, to manage a conversation with other people. And with the Booster, when I speak and learn with other students I realize we are all in the same boat. It’s important to not feel alone.”

Vocabulary, conversations, and confidence

This course has helped a lot of English learners improve their social skills and conversations. Here are just 2 more:

“I wanted to improve my English to talk with American, English, Indian, and Italian colleagues. I couldn’t really make small talk before. The videos of the course helped me learn a lot of vocabulary and now, I can talk about many different subjects!”
–Malick, business school student, Paris

“I often have to go on business trips with my foreign colleagues. I need a lot of vocabulary to have conversations with them! I had individual coaching with Christina, so I knew the high quality of her work. In the Successful Small Talk course, I felt the same high quality, personal touch, and motivational lessons that we had in our individual sessions.” 
–Isabelle, financial controller, Rotterdam, Netherlands

You’ll find other stories on this page too!

If you take that next step and join Successful Small Talk, you’ll have a story like this too!

Think about it:
Why do you want to improve your conversation skills in English?
What’s your own reason, your personal goal?

See you soon,

PS : Time is running out…

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