“I asked myself ‘Will this course really work?’ ” (Eva’s story)

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Investing in yourself might be scary. It takes time and energy. You can never be sure it’ll be worth it… You deserve the best programs, that will get you real results!

(That’s why you have a whole 30-day period to try out Successful Small Talk – and if you’re not satisfied, you get your money back.)

But you don’t have to trust me. You need to know if it’s good for you, even if you’re a little scared, even if you don’t like small talk, even if you think you’re too young or too old or too advanced or not advanced enough…

Listen to the story of Eva, another English-learner just like you

She’s from Czech Republic, and she decided to join the Successful Small Talk course with the Booster bonus.

“Small talk was always my problem. I’m quite shy.
In my native language, it is a problem for me. And I can say that this program helped me, not only improve my English skills, but really all the small talk skills. So I’m better now even in my native language!”

Successful Small Talk will teach you vocabulary and American cultural differences, but you’ll also get conversation strategies and techniques that will help you in all situations.

Eva uses this new knowledge with colleagues, clients… and even with her in-laws!

And being charming and interesting is not a “magic skill” – this is something you can learn. As Eva says:

“I realized that it is not bad to prepare a little bit for a difficult situation. 
Before I thought that small talk has to be always only improvisation, and that’s not true. From Successful Small Talk, I got a very useful “skeleton” and I can build my improvisation on it. But I didn’t have that skeleton before.” 

But maybe you’re still unsure about joining an online course.

Maybe you’re not certain it works. Maybe you want to be sure it’s right for you.

These are good questions. I’ll leave the last word to Eva:

“I was suspicious about Internet programs. That’s true! But after I saw some of your free videos — I was quite sure that I like your approach. And that’s why I decided to try your program.” 

“You have the gift to choose the important things, the things that can save me, in a similar situation. And I realized that I remember things from your videos very well! So I said yes: because I don’t have so much time to study, but I want to have something that I can really use.”

“With your tips and your study lessons, preparing the lessons was a lot of fun. I found a new taste for learning. I’m really very happy that I joined your program!”

See you soon,

PS: Even if you missed the Earlybird discount, Successful Small Talk is still open with a substantial discount and bonus (you’ll never get a better deal than right now).

I’ll close it on the 4th of July, don’t miss out on your chance to improve your social skills.

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