How to have more confidence speaking English in social situations

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Confidence making small talk in English

Social situations aren’t always easy. Especially when you’re trying to speak English!

Trying to make a connection in a foreign language can feel weird, and scary… Even if you’re confident when making small talk in your native language.

For instance, what will happen if the conversation goes onto topics you’re not prepared for?
What happens if you don’t know how to answer–and when you try to answer, the other person just doesn’t understand your words or your accent?

Imagine: You meet someone important by chance, and you try to start a conversation. And it goes badly!

For instance, you’re at a conference in Liverpool, and this happens:
“Hi, I’m George, how are you?”
“Oh hi! I’m Alex, nice to meet you! … Did you get around to the plenary this morning?”
“Hum… I’m… Eh… I’m sorry, what? Could you repeat?”

You become awkward and you lose all your confidence!
It can ruin your conversation… And kill that perfect opportunity to build a successful connection!

…Don’t worry too much, though. There are solutions to help you avoid this “worst case scenario.

  1. First, you need to know that it will probably not be as bad as you think. Your main asset is confidence. The language barrier feels scary–but if you’re confident, interested and passionate, it won’t be a problem.
  2. Second, you can prepare a conversation. In the video lesson today, you’ll learn some tricks and a checklist that will help you. You’ll never be speechless again.
  3. Third, confidence comes with practice. And there are fun ways to practice! These techniques will help you feel familiar with small talk in English, without any risk for your self-esteem.

After learning all this, you can quickly become talented in social situations. With new confidence, you’ll shine.

You’ll even be able to guide the conversation to make a more personal and more interesting connection.

And then people won’t remember you as “that foreign person with a strange accent” – but as “that smart friend I met”… and they’ll call you up next time they need someone with your skills.

You can do it. Yes, you. Even if you think this kind of results are “not for you” !

See you soon,

PS : Of course, practice is good. But “practice with a plan and a deliberate system” is better.

So what’s a good system you can use? What’s the best way to really improve your small talk and get results?

I’ll tell you more about that tomorrow, when my course “Successful Small Talk” opens with a special discount.

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