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understand American English

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Trying to understand American people is hard. You can feel frustrated:

“I don’t understand…” 
“What did you say?”
“American people speak too fast!”

But you can make a change!

You just have to decide.

Last week, you heard the stories of students who did the course Understand Real American English, and how much more they understand native English now. They focused on the important things that you need to understand better.

What’s important:

  • Learning real everyday life American English: the everyday expressions that people use, the idioms, the accents
  • Open your ears with real conversations. Not just teachers and clearly-articulated lessons, but real American people talking to each other.
  • Help from a teacher to give you the key to real American English. “Why did they say this?” “What’s the real American English expression to talk about that?”
  • Practice!

This program helped them so much, and I want you to feel the same transformation. So today, I would like to invite you to join my course Understand Real American English.

With these lessons, you’ll become much more confident about understanding English. You will learn it, you will understand it, you will internalize it – and it will become easy, just another part of yourself.

Finally understand American people, movies, and culture.

Start making closer connections with your American friends and coworkers.

Click here to get the course Understand Real American English today

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