Valentine’s Day in the USA

Valentine’s Day in the USA

Today it’s February 14th, and that’s Valentine’s Day in the USA (and in many other countries too). In many places, Valentine’s Day is for couples, for romantic love only. Not in the USA!

What’s different about Valentine’s Day in the USA? I’ll show you, so you don’t make any social mistakes today!

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Valentine’s Day in the USA: At school

Americans have celebrated Valentine’s Day since the 19th century. But the holiday became really popular in the 20th century, especially in schools.

In the USA, Valentine’s Day is a big event at schools. In elementary school, kids exchange Valentine’s cards. Each kid will make a special box, and every student in the class will put a small Valentine’s card in the box of every other kid in the class. So if you live in the USA, and you have a child in elementary school, be  sure your kid has enough cards for the whole class!

Don’t worry, you can buy special class sets of Valentine’s cards just for the occasion!

Students also offer a Valentine’s Day present to their teacher. Chocolate, maybe flowers, or a small gift. There will probably be a Valentine’s Day Party, with heart-shaped cookies, red velvet cupcakes, and  Conversation Hearts.

Conversation Hearts are the classic Valentine’s Day candy in the US. Every American knows this candy. These little hearts have cute messages like “Kiss me”, “Be Kind”, “My baby”, or more modern messages like “Tweet me” and “Girl Power”!

Valentine’s Day in the USA: Family & Friends

Adults also exchange Valentine’s Day gifts and cards with family and friends. I always gave a Valentine’s Day Card to my parents. And today, we send each other e-cards for Valentine’s Day!

The cards might have short, sweet messages like “You’re the best mom ever! Happy Valentine’s Day” or “You’re such a sweet daughter”, or things like that. They can be funny or serious.

Chocolates are popular gifts for friends and family too. Especially a heart-shaped box of chocolates  a heart-shaped box of chocolates.

The classic ones are the Whitman’s Sampler and anything by the brand Russel Stover. But if you’re in the US, you’ll have more than enough choice, I’m sure.

Valentine’s Day in the USA: With your love

Of course, in the US, you also celebrate with your significant other. This just means your boyfriend or girlfriend, or your fiancé, if you’re engaged, or your husband or wife.
For couples, it’s pretty traditional. You might offer flowers, like a dozen red roses a dozen red roses. Or maybe jewelry. Jewelry could be earrings. Or a necklace. Or maybe even a ring, if the relationship is serious.

It’s popular to go out to eat at a nice restaurant. Or you might say “I’m taking my boyfriend out to eat.”

Or you can do like Barack and Michelle Obama, and write funny love poems. You have to watch this video of them and their Valentine’s Day poems

Most importantly, have fun

What’s most important on Valentine’s Day is not what you do, or how much money you spend, it’s to show that you care for others. Friends, classmates, colleagues, significant other.

Even your pet, like your cat or dog. 21% of Americans give a Valentine’s Day to their pet…

You don’t have to do the classic Valentine’s Day things. Romain and me usually just go out for pizza on Valentine’s Day. Because that’s what we like to do.

In the USA, any occasion is a good opportunity to celebrate something, and today we celebrate our appreciation for others.

Be sure to watch the very end of today’s lovely lesson, because I have a special Valentine’s surprise for you!

Now what about you?

Did you know about these Valentine’s Day traditions before you watched this video? What do you do for Valentine’s Day? Do you celebrate it?

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Happy Valentine’s Day,


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