Why Americans Always Exaggerate

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pourquoi les américains

 “If a Big Mac with everything on it is awesome, then how do we describe the Grand Canyon?”

That must be my favorite quote from today’s episode.

Good question. But why do Americans say “Awesome !!!!!!!!” all the time? Generally, why do Americans exaggerate in everything?

I confess, I am guilty of this typically American habit: Place “awesome!”, Or “great!” Or “fantastic!” Just about everywhere …


 Why do the Americans do that ?

I never really asked myself, not before 2 members of The SBFG Community, Céline & Christophe, told me that it was one of the most annoying things with the Americans: The tendency to use superlatives anytime.

Thanks so much, Céline & Christophe, for pointing it out to me!

As an American, I know that when another American exaggerates, it is simply to show that he appreciates something. He doesn’t really think that my idea of letting kittens wander around the office all day to reduce the stress of my colleagues (for example …) is “Totally awesome.” At best, he finds the idea amusing. But not awesome, awesome.

I know these codes of communication and why the Americans do that. But you ?

How do you know what your American colleague really thinks of your suggestion to make up for lost time on the project?

It can frustrate you, because you never know if your colleague thinks your idea is just “not too bad” or really exceptional.

This is another reason why the Americans seem superficial to the French. You are, in general, much more reserved in your enthusiasm.

So if your American colleague thinks “It’s not too bad”, why, darn, he feels obliged to say “It’s totally absolutely amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!”

The answer is in The SBFG Episode today.

Pourquoi Les Américains Exagèrent Tout Le Temps

I admit, it can annoy, this way of abusing superlatives to describe EVERYTHING. But at least now you know why the Americans do that.

And why not tell me what YOU think?

What’s the most annoying thing your American colleagues do?

And because it’s always nice to end on a positive note, is there something about your American colleagues that you also admire?

I love reading your answers and answer to your comments. So, do not hold back!

Don’t forget that thousands of French people turn to The SBFG Blog to boost their English and their careers. The community grows every day! Share your story with us! We can’t wait to read you.

Thank you very much for being here every Tuesday. You totally rock! (And it’s sincere, you invest in yourself and it’s so important!)

Have a fantastic week in English,


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Every week, Christina sends you a new English lesson to boost your level! One year of free lessons? OH YES!!

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Clique l'image pour regarder l'épisode. C'est magique !

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Pourquoi les américains


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