Welcoming a new foreign colleague

A new foreign colleague comes to work in your department! Yey! Perhaps it’s an expatriate who joins your team for a few years. Perhaps he is a trainee from another country. Anyway, it’s someone who doesn’t speak too much French, but speaks English. Whether it’s an American or another foreign nationality, it’s someone with whom you can practice your English!

It’s not always easy to find people to talk with, or time to practice. Sometimes you don’t dare to approach your new foreign colleague because of a lack of confidence in your English and a fear to start a conversation. “I don’t know what to say”, “What if I lack vocabulary and must look for words?”, “I am shy in English” …

This week’s video will help you to take the plunge, as a member of The Speak Better, Feel Great Community, said. In addition to that, you will learn some American expressions to do it! It helps you to avoid turns rather inspired by French language, like “Puis-je vous inviter à prendre un café?” (“Can I invite you for a coffee?”)

Don’t hesitate to take the first step towards your new colleague and start to create good relations with him. Don’t forget that he comes to a company where he doesn’t know anyone and may not speak the local language well. If you were in his place, you would be glad if someone took the first step, came and talked to you and welcome you. I know that was my case when I arrived at Co-Work in Grenoble, where I work sometimes and where I shoot the SBFG TV videos.

In addition to that, studies by The Psychology Foundation of Canada show that, creating good relationships at the arrival of someone in a company, is good for the morale of the entire team. It’s good for morale! It’s good for morale! (OK,  “La Compagnie Créole” in the office is an optional thing)

Welcoming a Foreign Colleague

What about you?

What do you do to welcome a new foreign colleague to your department? Come on over to The Speak Better, Feel Great Blog, share your ideas with the community, and get ideas from other SBFG members!

You can even do it in English if you want to practice your language skills 🙂

You like SBFG? Help me spread this initiative. Share it with your colleagues!

You CAN be better at small talk in English

You can expand your everyday vocabulary and finally be comfortable with the small discussions around the coffee machine.

You CAN be better at small talk in English

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