[36 hour warning] Closing tomorrow + What have you learned this month?

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URAE Final Revision

Tomorrow is the last day to join “Understand Real American English” and get the free month of conversation practice.

We’re closing down URAE Month in 36 hours, so it’s time for two things:

1. To decide if 2019 is the year you take action to improve your English with the speaking + listening package I’m offering you

2. To revise everything you’ve learned this month! It’s the perfect foundation to start transforming the way you understand Americans.

In a nutshell, here’s what you learned this month:

New Year’s Resolutions to learn better, quicker

You saw that the key to improving your English efficiently is to set specific goals, measure your progress, be consistent, and get help from others.

When you join the Understand Real American English Course, you get the precise method you need to do this, and support from me and other students in our private group on Facebook.

Review how to set your New Year’s Resolutions here

Everyday idioms, with Zachary

Then, you learned “5 Everyday Idioms in Real American English” with Zachary who had the charitable restaurant.

Do you remember the idioms? They were:

  1. “To blow a tire”
  2. “To throw a wrench into everything”
  3. “on your way to work”
  4. “to set some aside for a rainy day”
  5. “To live paycheck to paycheck”

Our conversation extracts are taken from the full conversation in Module #9 in the URAE Course, where you’ll learn more idioms, and how to follow fast conversations (Zachary speaks fast sometimes!)

Review the 5 idioms here

Disappearing sounds, with Bonnie

You learned that often, sounds disappear at the end of words because Americans “eat” them. For example,

  1. You don’t hear “found”, you hear “foun’ “
  2. You don’t hear “just”, you hear “jus’ ”
  3. You don’t hear “asked”, you hear “asst

The conversation bits were taken from the full conversation in Module 2, which helps you instantly catch those fast words that sound strange, because they’re not what expect.

Listen again to these words in a fast conversation here

URAE promo banner 30 Jan. - 1 Feb.

Test your comprehension skills with Paul and Jennifer

You took a quiz to test your comprehension skills, and learned:

  1. Casual expressions like “We’re re-doing the living room”, instead of “we’re renovating the living room”
  2. Pronunciation changes like “gonna” instead of “going to” or “Lemme” instead of “Let me”

And the most fun part, you got to see how much you could understand, with short extracts from the conversations that feature in Module 4 and Module 7.

Test your comprehension skills (again) here

More idioms, with Michael

Then, you got a complete lesson from the Understand Real American English course: “Catching up with Michael” and a short regular episode that focused on 3 everyday idioms:

You learned 3 everyday expressions:

  1. a bunch of people
  2. to keep to myself
  3. to hang out with

That last one, “to hang out with” is sooooo common. You’ll definitely need it!

How you learn faster and better with the URAE Course

Finally, you saw how each lesson in the Understand Real American English course leads you step by step to train your ear and transform the way you hear and understand fast, authentic conversations with Americans.

  1. You start with the full conversation, which was surely a challenge!
  2. Then, I decode and interpret the sounds and expressions for you.
  3. You test your comprehension with a series of exercises.
  4. Finally, you work on your pronunciation, to sound more natural and learn to speak clearly

All of this was just the free resources. Imagine how much you’ll learn when you get the complete course!

You have one more day to make your decision:

  • Do you want to take your English way beyond what you learned in school?
  • Do you want to understand the colloquial expressions and fast sounds of unscripted conversations?
  • Do want speaking practice with an international community of students, and a teacher?
  • Are you motivated to jumpstart your English for 2019 now, and stop waiting?

Tomorrow is the FINAL day to register for the course and get the free month of conversation practice.

Click here to start understanding real American English better today
Let’s do this!
If you have ANY question that you need me to answer about the course to make your decision, respond to this email and ask. I’m always happy to help.

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