Three Things You Need to Do to Become Confident Speaking Business English.

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Do you want to become confident in speaking Business English?
What if I told you there are just 3 things you need to do?

Are you surprised to hear that?

Many people I work with are extremely motivated to improve.
They’re smart and effective people.

But they aren’t always sure how to find the smart and effective way to work on their English.
So making progress with Business English can seem difficult and complicated.
And it can seem like really hard work.

Let’s fix that.

Today, I’ll tell you about 3 things you need to become confident speaking Business English–in the shortest time possible.

Do these three things and you will:

  • Continue to advance–even when you’re tired and not motivated.
  • Always find the time to do something to improve your English.
  • Know exactly what to do to reach your goals quickly.
  • Enjoy the learning process.


Do you want to build good habits and become more confident when you speak English?

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1. Become Confident in Business English: Start with WHY

2. Become Confident in Business English: Plan in advance.

3. Become Confident in Business English: Surround yourself with the right people.

1. To Become Confident in Business English: Start with WHY.

It may seem surprising, but forget for a minute about HOW you will become confident in your Business English.

Instead think about WHY you want to achieve your Business English goals.

I work with some inspiring and amazing people who tell me about their WHY’s. They say things like:

  • I know I can do something BIG.
  • My life dream is to create a business in the USA.
  • I want to be a role model for my children–so that they have confidence in themselves.

    So, what’s your WHY?

How will your life be different when you have confidence in your Business English?

What’s your dream?

What BIG things will you go on to do?

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2. To Become Confident in Business English: Plan in advance.

In our 6-Day English Habits Starter Plan, we talked about the power of simply deciding what you’re going to do in advance.

We talked about writing your English practice plans down–to make sure you get them done. Like this:

“I will (ACTION) at (TIME) at (PLACE).

You know how important it is to put your learning materials where they are obvious and easy to use. So you are sure to reach your goal of practicing every day.

And now you also know how important it is to start small. 

Choose a goal so small that you cannot fail, so you can celebrate your success every day.

If you’d like extra support putting these steps into action, this is something we will help you with in my program: Speak Business English Confidently.

3. To Become Confident in Business English: Surround yourself with the right people.

Imagine this:
You surround yourself with people who encourage you to improve your English.

You are part of a group where everyone wants to become better at English–and they enjoy it.

Being motivated, curious, positive and consistent becomes your ‘new normal.’

That’s why we make sure you’re surrounded by the right people in Speak Business English Confidently.  In the program you’ll find:

  • A conversation group with other motivated and inspiring people who want to improve their Business English.
  • A Facebook group where you can connect with other people and keep practicing.
  • Private lessons with a teacher who is there to help you achieve your goals.

Three Things You Need to do To Become Confident in Business English: Is it really that simple?

Doing these three things to improve your Business English may sound simple.
You might be thinking…

“But will this work for me?”

Here’s the thing:

My team of expert teachers and I know this from years of experience.
These are the most important habits and mindsets you can create for yourself.
We know if you do these three things, you can reach your Business English goals.

And if you’d like support, we help you do all of this in the Speak Business English with Confidence private lesson program.

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The best way to become more confident using Business English is to practice!

Here’s your weekly challenge for this week:

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  2. If you have a question about the program, put it in the comments, so I can answer it for you, and for the entire community!

If you learned something from this lesson, please share it with your coworkers & friends. You can send your message to them in English for more practice!

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