Business or pleasure? Expressions with “Go” for entrepreneurs on travel.

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Do you have any travel planned? Whether you’ve got a vacation coming up, or you’re going away on business, these expressions with “go” will help you sound more natural and confident when you talk about your plans in English.

My clients are often entrepreneurs and business owners and one of their top goals is to sound more natural in English–and one really easy way you can do that is to practice using simple expressions, just like native speakers. Expressions with “GO” are a great example.

Take the quiz at the end of this lesson!

Did you know that I’ve created a quick and easy quiz to go with this lesson so that you can practice everything you see here today? I want you to make this part of the English you actually use in real life! To try out today’s quiz, just scroll down to the last section and you’ll find the instructions there…and the answers too!

What you’ll learn in this article:

1. Business English expressions for talking about your next trip: Go!
2. Do you understand these English expressions with Go? Guess that city!

1. Business English expressions for talking about your next trip: Go!

This is the time of year when many business owners leave on holiday…and occasionally on business. If you do the same, you’ll have to share your travel plans with your business contacts or your team, you could say one of these:

You can use expressions with ‘Go’ to say how long you’ll be gone:
I’m going away (leaving) for the weekend. But I’ll be back by Monday so we can meet then.
I’m going away for a few weeks in July.

We also use expressions with “go” to state the purpose of our travels:
I have to go away on business.
Do you plan to go on vacation this year?

And there are expressions with “go” to tell us where you’ll be:
I’m going abroad (to another country) in August.
I’m going out of town (leaving town) for a bit.

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2. Do you understand these English expressions with Go? Guess that city!

Alright, ready to learn some new expressions with “go” while reading about another entrepreneur’s recent trip? If you’d like to get some visual clues and hear and hear what each entrepreneur has to say, be sure to check out today’s video too.

This is also the topic of today’s quiz!
So as you read, see if you can guess each city.
You’ll find the answers to today’s quiz in the comments section.

Listen, observe all those great new expressions–and see if you can figure out what city Karyn visited…

Guess the city for today’s quiz: Karyn.
 “I had to go away recently on business. It wasn’t a long flight, thankfully. And I still had time to go shopping, go sightseeing, go for a run near the Thames river.  One evening, after my conference, I even went to the theater and saw a play–you have probably heard of the playwright, he’s famous!” 


Guess the city for today’s quiz: Matthew.
Ready for the second city in today’s quiz. Listen carefully (and remember the answer is at the end of this post–in the comments section).
“Recently, I went away for a few weeks to visit some friends. I wanted to stay for a while because I had to go abroad to get there and I had to go by plane. It’s an 18-hour flight from where I live, which is Thailand.
Luckily, I run my own business and can manage my team remotely! My family lives in a beautiful city where you can go skiing in the winter at famous ski resorts nearby, like Whistler Blackcomb & Mount Baker. But since I went in the summer, I went sea kayaking.  I also went to the beach–it’s not hot like back home in Thailand, but it’s still fun!”

Guess the city for today’s quiz: Kristina.

Alright, here’s a third and final entrepreneur talking about her trip. Can you guess this last city? You’ll find the answers in the comments section.

“I really needed a break from my business and so I decided to take a vacation to someplace I’ve never visited before!  I went on a boat tour of the Everglades and saw some interesting animals! Then I  went sightseeing  in the city, I went clubbing and I went out for some awesome Cuban food!”

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Testing yourself makes you more confident!

Did you understand those three advanced English speakers talking about their recent travel? Did you learn any great new expressions with “go” (or the past tense, went) to talk about what you when you travel on vacation…or on business?

 Just scroll down to see if you were right about the cities the entrepreneurs visited in today’s quiz!

You’ll be one step closer to being able to speak confidently about your travel plans, and one step closer to confidence in your Business English.
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Improve your English in the comments

The best way to become more confident using Business English is to practice!

Here’s your Confidence Challenge for this week:

  1. Did you go out of town recently on business or vacation?
  2. Tell us about it in the comments.

If you learned something from this lesson, please share it with your coworkers & friends. You can send your message to them in English for more practice!

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