Is my Private Lesson Program “Speak Business English Confidently” for YOU?

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English private lesson program

If you missed my message 2 weeks ago, I opened enrollment + free gifts for Speak Business English Confidently, my Private Lesson Program.

What is the “Speak Business English Confidently Private Lesson Program”?

Speak Business English Confidently is a 12-week Private Lesson Program.

It combines 2 sure methods to become more confident using English:

  • Private lessons, to speak & write more nuanced, more correct business English
  • Conversation group sessions, to increase your conversation skills, vocabulary, and fluency

With the Private Lessons, you work with a dedicated Expert Teacher on your specific situations & objectives.

You get personalized feedback about your English, so you improve faster. You become more sure of yourself. More confident.

With the conversation sessions, it’s possible to practice speaking English every day! 

Plus, you get all the resources necessary to get more vocabulary, improve your grammar, improve your pronunciation, and improve listening skills. 

I guarantee that you will be more fluent & more confident in 12 weeks.

Plus, when you enroll before Thursday 8 April 2021, you get 3 free gifts to make it even easier to become confident in English. 

Click here for complete details

Maybe you ask yourself “Is Speak Business English Confidently the right program for me?”

Speak Business English Confidently is a very popular program because:

  • you learn to speak more correct English
  • you become more fluent in conversations
  • you learn faster without tons of hours of study

The result? You feel more confident when you speak English. You feel more confident about your career. You feel more aligned with who you want to be.

At the end of the program, you will:

  • be more confident using business English in social & professional situations
  • feel comfortable speaking English on business topics AND general topics
  • communicate confidently with native speakers and non-native speakers

“Why did you decide to enroll in this program?”

I love reading clients’ goals and motivations! Each person has their unique reasons for enrolling, but they all want to become better.

Are you curious to know why people enroll in my Speak Business English Confidently Private Lesson Program?

Here’s what some students shared with us:

“Several of my colleagues speak English. I want to improve my English skills to be more competitive in my sector.  I realize it’s a huge advantage in my field, which is marketing.”  –Nicolas, Marketing Director

“I have worked for several luxury designer brands and I use English constantly with customers and sales advisors.  I also want to know English enough to teach it to my children.  I want to give them this advantage in life, too.”    –Meta, Department Manager for a luxury brand

“I had a bad experience with an English program with another company.  I feel like I didn’t progress at all. But Christina’s approach seems different. I started with the Light Option, and if I like it, I will upgrade. But so far, I like it!” –Nadia, Pedagogical Manager

“I will apply for interviews and I need help with that.  When I speak English, I know I make mistakes, but no one corrects me.  And I know I need feedback to improve.  So, I want help to know when I am making mistakes and help to fix the mistakes so I can get a better job.” –Selim, Project Manager in Engineering

“I am a project manager and work on hosting websites.  Our colleagues are located in different countries and we use English to communicate.  During business meetings I get nervous and can’t find my words.  I really want to be fluent and be more confident when I speak.”   –Mickael, Delivery Manager

Do you have similar reasons to become more fluent & confident in business English?

If you said “Yes!”, click here for details about how to enroll in my Private Lesson Program Speak Business English Confidently today.

Speak Business English Confidently Private Lesson Program is for you…

If you are not learning fast enough alone with apps, videos, and other resources… this is definitely for you.

If you have tried different English methods in the past, and you need a different approach to help you do English regularly… this program is for you too.

If you use English in your work for presentations, conf calls, meetings, but also for socializing and everyday conversations, but feel shy and hesitant… this is definitely for you too.

Speak Business English Confidently Private Lesson Program is NOT for you…

If you make excuses like “I don’t have time”, and will not make time to improve yourself, this is not for you.

If you have a beginner or elementary level, this program is not for you.

But if you need more confidence and want to feel more satisfied about the way you use English,

Speak Business English Confidently Private Lesson Program is definitely for you!

What to do next?

Go to this page to discover the complete details of the program “Speak Business English Confidently”

If it’s for you, then enroll today!

The enrollment offer closes on Thursday 8 April 2021.

See you there,


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