Your Free Plan to Start Good English Habits – Part 2: Days 4-6

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Earlier this week, we began a 6-Day English Habits Starter Plan together.
In days 1-3, we focused on keeping your habits short and easy to achieve.
That way, you can start feeling good about your Business English practice.
And you can start a new habit that, over time, will change your English forever.

I love seeing the way my clients feel when they start to really progress!

Let’s continue learning some Business English phrasal verbs together and making your English habits strong.

This is Part 2 of my 6-Day English Habits Starter Plan.  Today, we’ll talk about days 4-6.

If you don’t have your English Habits Starter Plan, you can get it here.

Let’s do this together!


1. Your Plan to Start Good English Habits: Day 4

2. Your Plan to Start Good English Habits: Day 5

3. Your Plan to Start Good English Habits: Day 6

1. Your Plan to Start Good English Habits: Day 4

Remember, the idea is always to make your goal so small you can’t fail.
That way, you can start to feel excited about working on your English every day.

Today we’ll continue doing one small (and powerful) thing.

    • Grab the blank flash cards you left in your learning area last night.
    • Add definitions to your cards, with my list of definitions & examples.
    • Set your intention on your 6-Day English Habits Starter Plan and  prepare for Day 5 by leaving your flashcards in your learning area.

What if you don’t have time to complete all 4 flash cards today?
Do 2. Or just 1.
But do something!
And feel good about it, no matter how small.

Remember, you’re learning the skill of being consistent.
That’s what will help you change your English and finally feel more confident in business situations.

Feel absolutely more confident in English with less effort, starting with just 2 minutes per day. : Click here to get your English Habits Starter Kit

2. Your Plan to Start Good English Habits: Day 5

Each day, you’re working on one small and new activity to help you learn new phrasal verbs.
AND you’re making your English Habit stronger because you’re succeeding every day.

Let’s continue that momentum with today’s activities:

    • All you have to do is study & review your flash cards.  It’s easy, they’re in your learning area!
    • Aim for 2 minutes! If you do more, that’s a bonus.
    • But if you do 2 minutes, feel good about yourself, for completing 5 days straight of your English habit!
    • Prepare for Day 6
    • Again, the exact exercise and everything you need is in the 6-Day English Habits Starter Plan.

Remember, if you only have time for 2 minutes a day…that’s great!
You are creating a strong habit that will transform your English for years to come.

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3. Your Plan to Start Good English Habits: Day 6

Yay! Here we are on Day 6.
I’m really excited to see how consistent you’re being with your English habits.

Before you start, this is important:
Take a few seconds to feel good about what you did this week.
This positive emotion is the KEY to building solid habits.
If it feels good, you want to do it more and more.

You are now on the right path!

It’s time for your Day 6 activities:

Thank you for joining me on this 6-Day English Starter Habits plan.

I’m glad you did this for yourself.  I know that working consistently for 2 minutes a day can change your English over time.

And now you know that you can do it!

Let’s continue together building your good English habits, step by step! I’ll see you next time!

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Take the next step: Improve your English in the comments

The best way to become more confident using Business English is to practice!

Here’s your weekly challenge for this week:

  1. If you already completed Days 1-3, tell in the comments if you are doing it each day!
  2. And let me know if you’re starting to feel more consistent with your Business English practice.

If you learned something from this lesson, please share it with your coworkers & friends. You can send your message to them in English for more practice!

Become absolutely more confident in English, with less effort

It doesn’t have to be difficult to improve your Business English.

It can feel easy & effortless, starting with just 2 minutes per day!

I’ll show you how, in my English Habits Starter Kit.

It’s free, and it can change the way you learn English, so you see more results in less time, with less effort.

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All the best to you,

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