Job Interview In English: Be A STAR

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A job interview in your native language is already stressful. When it’s a job interview in English, that doesn’t help the situation!

How can you be sure that your answers in a job interview in English are complete, clear, and not too long. What can you do if you block? If you don’t have the vocabulary in English?

How can you respond in a job interview in English?

Good news! There’s an acronym that will help you remember a useful structure. This structure will make your responses clear, concise, and complete.

What is it?

S.T.A.R., for Situation, Task, Activity, Result.

I won’t go into detail here, because everything is in this week’s episode. You’ll also find a concrete example of a STAR response to the question “Tell me about a time when you had to save a project that was going very badly.”

For vocabulary, you’ll have to prepare! Do your homework. This way, you won’t hesitate and search for your words when you have to answer the recruiter’s questions. Make your responses fluid and have more confidence with the tips in the video.

Because, yes, when you have a job interview in English, it’s sooooo important to take the time to prepare. You already have a level that allows you to communicate in English. But sometimes, it’s true, you don’t have ALL the vocabulary to answer the recruiter’s questions.

prepare job interview english

Take the time to imagine questions the recruiter can ask you. Imagine how you can structure your response with the STAR technique.

With 1-2 phrases per step, you can create a response that is clear, concise, and complete, and in English too!

Job interview in English: Be a STAR 

The STAR technique - How to answer job interview questions in English

Wanna try the technique? In the comments below, answer this question using the S.T.A.R. technique:

“Tell me about the time when you had to solve a major problem in a project.”

Of course, try to answer in English 🙂

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