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master real american english story

Do you have the English skills to reach your full potential in your career?

In my years of teaching English, many students came to me with a specific demand. They were professionals, who needed to improve their fluency and their confidence right now, in order to get a promotion or boost their career.

They needed an accelerated, personalized program: something with more accountability than the usual online course, more effective than just a lesson with a teacher once a week, but still less intense than individual coaching with me.

If you’re in that case too, you don’t just need grammar and vocabulary lessons.

What you really need is:

  • To sound smart & competent (even in English!) with top-notch pronunciation
  • To smoothly understand both native speakers and different accents – in meetings, on the phone…
  • To get fluent & confident, with speaking practice opportunities
  • To progress despite a busy schedule, with a clearly structured program that makes it easy to do the work
  • Individual attention for your specific context or problems
  • Coaching to learn how to learn more effectively
  • A structure that almost forces you to show up and be regular with your learning, to hold you accountable for your progress.

That’s why I sat down to design the “perfect English program” for you.

I interviewed a lot of my students to find out it should look like.
I thought about all of the things I’d learned in 15 years of teaching business English.
Then, with my own coaches and over several months, we worked to put together a program that would solve all of those problems.

And, because I believe in testing things before I offer them to you, I opened a few early spots in the program a few months ago.

And now, here’s the results from students just like you:

“This program is exactly what I needed to help me better understand the Americans I work with, and to speak more like them. It’s becoming easier to convince future clients to work with me, because I sound more confident talking about my business.”
(Antony, French founder of a homecare company, living in the USA)

“My meetings with Chinese partners are a tremendous success now, because I feel confident about my presentations, and we understand each other better. I really see a difference.”
(Rafael, cardiologist, Argentina)

“Totally worth it! I have a lot more confidence, because I’m speaking English almost every day with this program. And the biggest thing is that now, I dare to speak my ideas in English!”
(Yann, company founder, France)

Master Real American English is a program I designed with attention, with your specific needs in mind, and tested carefully before this opening.

It’s a complete coaching program specifically designed for professionals who want their English to enhance their career, rather than holding it back. Attack the problems from all angles, at your own level, and reach your own goals.

See you,

PS: Registrations are now open for “Master Real American English.” As it involves one-on-one lessons and group interactions, I can only offer a few places at a time.

Click here to apply for your spot now

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