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Questions Master Real American English enrollment

The professionals who get the MOST out of Master Real American English are usually the ones who ask the most questions.

Personally, I love it.

I only want you to join my program if you know, without a doubt, that it’s the bridge between you and new business opportunities.

You want to be sure you’ll be able to get enjoyable, exciting (and profitable!) career changes, so let me answer the questions I received from students over the past week

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Quick answers to students’ top 4 questions

1. Do I have the right English level for this program?

Great question.

Many students are worried that their level isn’t good enough. They’re afraid of being the slowest person in the group.

Do not worry about this.

Benny, a past student talked about this hesitation in his review of the program.

This program is for intermediate and above.To be sure, you and I do a pre-enrollment consultation, and I verify that you have an appropriate level for the program.

2. Does this program work?

I’ll let past students answer this question for you:

  • “I didn’t know if I could see progress in just 3 months… Now, after finishing,I believe!” –Aisha S., computer science professor
  • “I’m not scared like I was at the start of the program. There was definitely a turning point in which I realized I can do it!” –Romina R., public affairs consultant
  • “This program is exactly what I needed to help me better understand Americans and  speak more like them.” –Antony C., Founder of a homecare company
  • “I really feel more confident, and I know how to keep training. Definitely, there’s a ‘before’ and ‘after’!”

Of course, you have to do the work during the program, come to the sessions, practice, and do your homework…

But I designed this program to make it easy for you. We give everything to you, we structure your activities, you just have to do the work, and like past students, you will see results.

3. Will I have time to participate in the program? 

Here’s what Sébastien, a busy professional and past participant said about this point:

 “It’s a very flexible solution, so very good for people working, who have an erratic calendar… we can have face-to-face sessions with our teacher and there’s a lot of group sessions for different days of the week. That’s why I chose this program, because it’s easier to follow this kind of flexible experience.”

To get to the next level, though, you’ll need to invest your time, of course. There’s no magic formula. All in all, I recommend you put 3-4 hours a week into the 3-month program.

I can assure you, none of this will be wasted time. It’s an investment in yourself, to finally reach advanced English (and all the rewards that come with that!)

In the video, I answer even more questions:

  • What does the course include exactly?
  • Do my teachers have the skills to help me improve?
  • Can I really learn to understand Americans who speak fast?
  • Is this program for me, if I work with people who have different accents?
  • Can I talk to you about the program before I join?
  • How do we meet for the lessons & coaching sessions?
  • Can I connect from my phone or tablet?
  • When are the live sessions?
  • What’s the price?
  • What if I don’t improve?
  • What happens after I complete the application form?
  • When does the program start?

Do you have another question?

Then join me tomorrow, Monday September 23 at 18:00 CEST, for a LIVE question and answer session! (It’s free, but you must register in advance)

So that’s it, at this point you have everything you need to make the best choice for you and your career.

If that choice includes Master Real American English... then apply to join the program today. Applications close on Tuesday September 24th.

All my best,

PS : If you DO decide to join me and all your peers from all around the world inside MRAE, then do not wait to apply. We schedule a pre-enrollment interview, and my calendar is quickly full!

I’d hate for you to lose your chance because you waited too long.

Click here to claim your spot in Master Real American English 

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