(Special offer) Booster Pack for your social skills

Successful small talk booster pack

With my team, I designed Successful Small Talk to be a program that helps you forget your fears of socializing in English.

It’s  a system to improve your conversations in English. To make you smooth, confident, interesting, charming…

If you want all the exercises and activities now, you can get the lessons, vocabulary, strategy, all my best tips and techniques… in the Essentials Pack.

It’s perfect if you already have regular practice for English conversations with your colleagues and you just want to fit in better.

If you lack opportunities to practice, you can get the Booster Pack and get even more value from the course.

What is the Booster Pack?

  • A guarantee that you finish the course and get the results you want
  • Live conversation sessions and live course lessons adapted to your level and needs
  • A support system: me + your teacher + a small group of motivated students help you increase confidence and conversation skills
  • An experience where you feel your confidence increase and your conversations become more fluid

Today, I will answer all the questions students often ask, such as:
• What is the Booster Pack exactly?
• How does this help me more than the Essentials Pack?
• When are the live lessons? The conversation lessons? How do they work?
• Do I have the right level to fit in the live lessons, and get value out of them? 

Concretely, in the Booster Pack you’ll get:
• Successful Small Talk online course (lifetime access immediately)
• 6 live lesson in small groups, with a teacher
• 3 full months of live conversation practice (Faster Fluency Conversation Club)

“The live sessions are super motivating. Knowing we had a live session for each module encouraged me to work seriously and regularly on the course. I feel much more confident speaking. Thanks to the regular practice and Christina’s live feedback, the way I speak now is correct, and not too formal as before.” 
—Roseline (France)

You’ll get conversation practice with “real” people with real accents and all the different English levels you find in the real world.

You’ll learn how to handle practical, day-to-day conversations – with lessons such as:

  • Small Talk for professionals: You, your job, & your company
  • Talk about your free time activities (how to sound passionate and not boring, and how to share them in the best way!)
  • Sharing feelings & opinions without misunderstanding (even if you’re not confident)
  • And more…

And it’s designed to let you enjoy your summer holidays, of course! You can start the online course immediately, and the live sessions start in September. You have plenty of time to plan!

The details of Booster Pack dates and times are on this page.

See you soon,

PS: It’s your decision. Choose wisely. But don’t let time make that decision for you!
In three days, registration for this program closes.

This Thursday July 4th is the final day to enroll in the Booster program.

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