Do you feel your English level should be better?

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better English level

Do you ever feel like your English level should be better than it is?

— The Extra Mile: Vocabulary for this email —
(Look for the words with a “ * ” ):

  • Every now and then = occasionally, sometimes
  • “Getting there is half the fun” = An expression that means that the process of doing something is as enjoyable as the result
  • To go cold turkey on [something] = to quit something immediately (usually a bad habit), instead of stopping it progressively

Every now and then, I hear clients say things like  “I studied English for years, I should have a better level.”

Sure, we all want to be as fluent as possible, but when you learn English, getting there is half the fun!*

So why do you sometimes feel like your level SHOULD be better than it is?

Me too, I feel this way too sometimes (when I look at everything that other online teachers have accomplished…)

There’s something that you and I need to go cold turkey on!*

I talk about it in this week’s episode.

Stop feeling bad & start feeling glad!

Instead of comparing yourself to others, compare yourself to how you were in the past.

And let’s celebrate your accomplishments. It’s the best way to start feeling better about yourself, and see that you’re on the right track!

→ What’s one thing you have learned in English this month, that you didn’t know last month? 

Share your accomplishments with us in the comments!

Even if it’s a small victory, it’s a victory. Be proud that you’re improving.

Have a good week,

P.S. This month, I’m experimenting to make them more interactive, and to help you learn more native-speaker expressions faster.

Watch the video to discover this new approach, and tell me if you like it (or not!) Thanks!

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