Is English Important or Urgent?

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English important or urgent

There’s a lot of things happening right now.

You probably have a lot of important, or urgent, things to do.

Especially now, of course, but that’s life in general, too. There’s always something going on, one after another. Some are very important, some are less important, but they all try to take control of your life.

That’s why you need to plan… To take back that control. Or you’ll never be able to work on the important, long-term stuff that will help you tomorrow. You won’t be able to improve your skills. You won’t be prepared. And you’ll get trapped by circumstances.

If your whole life was already in emergency mode, you need to stop and think hard.

You deserve to grow! You deserve to have time to improve yourself!

But it’s difficult.

Three pieces of advice right now:

  1. Don’t lose your sleep. Sleep is very important. If you’re regularly cutting on your sleeping time to work more, you need to change your system. Or you’ll lose all useful productivity quickly.
  2. Use a calendar. Don’t let “the flow” dictate your day. Don’t let “events” control you. You need to be able to control what you do, and prioritize. This includes “time off,” where you won’t work. So if something unexpected happens, you still have “free time” to take care of it.
  3. Be clear on what’s important, and what’s urgent. I’ll talk more about this very soon.

Today, I recorded an interview with an expert Business English teacher, Kristina.
She’ll show you:

→ How to be in control of your schedule  
→ How to make time for your important, long-term goals (or you won’t have time to prepare, and improve your skills) 
→ How to find some slack in your life – free time is important too!

Kristina will answer these questions (and more!) and help you take control of your own time.

*** Meet your teacher: Kristina (with a K) ***

Kristina is from Virginia, USA.  She specializes in a variety of business topics and has been teaching English for several years.  While keeping a professional style, she also wants to help you feel comfortable so that you can reach your goal of expressing yourself freely in English.

She listens well and will enjoy hearing about your life and your culture.  She is looking forward to providing personalized coaching to help you to achieve your English language goals.

The extra mile: English vocabulary

  • Something is going on : Something is happening, right now.
  • Slack : In this email, “slack” means “free time, that you can use to do anything.” It’s an excess of time that you can use in an emergency.
    However, as a verb, “to slack off” means “to avoid work,” and “a slacker” is a lazy person.
  • I’m looking forward to [doing something] : I’m really excited about [doing something], I can’t wait! (It’s a very common, very useful example in everyday business English.)

See you tomorrow,

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P.P.S. We’re here to help as much as we can. If you have any question, doubt, or just things you’d like to know (“My schedule is complicated – I’m really not sure if I can start practicing English right now…”)… Hit “Reply” to this email.

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