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how Master Real American English works

First, a reminder: We close applications for my Master Real American English virtual immersion program on Tuesday January 28th.

Click here to complete the application form, before it’s too late 

Do you know what I love in Master Real American English? 

I love to see the real transformations students have.

Even after 3 months, you get big results: confidence, spontaneity, pronunciation, vocabulary…

You understand spoken English better, both authentic American conversations and foreign accents.

Here’s what Romina, a public affairs consultant in Belgium said after she finished the program:

“Now, I’m not scared like I was before. If I have a call in English, I can do it. There was a real turning point where I realized I can do it! I also understand much more, both native speakers and non-native speakers.”

(For Romina’s full review of the Master Real American English program, click here.)

The smart way to advance your English

Nathalie, a recent student in the program said “It’s really different from any program I’ve done, and I’ve done many traditional training programs! It’s so efficient that I’m going to ask my Human Resources manager if my colleagues can do it, because really, it works.”

How does this program work?

After you apply to join the program, and I interview you to verify your level and objectives, here’s how we transform your English in 3 months:

1. A complete evaluation before you start the program.  I personally diagnose your strengths and weaknesses, and debrief my team on your results, so we help you best.

2. A private lesson with your personal teacher each week. With a 100% focus on you, you progress much faster, to reach your personalized goals.

3. A group coaching session, with your business communication coach each week. In very small groups, learn to communicate effectively and appropriately in business. You become a better English speaker AND a better professional.

4. Conversation practice several times a week. You join my online conversation group, to improve your vocabulary, your fluency, your confidence, and your conversation skills.

5. Our MRAE Whatsapp group. Ask any question (like “What should I write at the end of this email?”) and get support from your “classmates” around the world, your business coach, and me. You improve between sessions and it’s fun!

6. My online course “Understand Real American English”. With this listening comprehension & pronunciation course, you progress from intermediate “school English” to advanced, real-world English. (Bonus: You get lifetime access.)

7. In May, we do your “after” evaluation. We do the same evaluation we did at the start. You have a “before” and an “after” video, to concretely see how much you have improved.

Imagine how you will feel about your English, after 3 months of this immersion…. So much progress!

Click here to learn how Master Real American English works for you

Applications close on Tuesday January 28th. If you think this program is for you, now is your moment.

Complete the application form today, so you don’t miss your chance this time.

Talk to you soon,

One of our coaching groups is already full…
If you want your chance, don’t wait to apply to join the program.

Lessons start the week of February 10th.

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