What results can you expect with Business English Mastery Virtual Immersion? Romain’s Story.

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Can you really change your English, find your confidence when you’re speaking? Can you really achieve your goals for your English? I designed my Virtual Immersion program (Business English Mastery) for busy, hard-working professionals who have specific goals they need to reach in English. I created it just for people who need the most effective and ‘brain friendly’ strategies available. But I’m not the best person to tell you if my program will work for you. If Business English Mastery can help you make the change you’ve been looking for with your English. Today, I’ll let someone who has completed my Business English Mastery Virtual Immersion program tell you about his experience–and the results he achieved. In today’s video, I interviewed Romain, a French project manager in communications, who got a new opportunity, thanks to better English and more confidence. If you’d like to hear exactly what Romain has to say, check out the video. Or you can keep reading the blog to hear Romain’s story. Maybe you’ll be inspired to believe that you can reach your goals too–with the right strategies. And a team of professionals to guide and encourage you.


1. Why Romain enrolled in Business English Mastery Virtual Immersion: Afraid to speak English…and goals.

2. Virtual Immersion: What it’s like to have a team of expert teachers to help you.

3. Business English Mastery Results: from “totally afraid to speak English” to confidence & new possibilities…

1. Why Romain enrolled in Business English Mastery Virtual Immersion: Goals for English and life.

Can you think of a goal you have, for your Business English, or for your life? Can you think of opportunities that might be open to you if you could achieve some of your goals for your English? Romain decided to begin Business English Mastery during his job search. And he had very specific goals he wanted to achieve. He wanted to feel confident in a job interview. He wanted to be able to present himself, speak fluently and effectively about his past experiences and even talk about his passions–to show himself as a whole person to a new employer. “My goal was, you know, to practice my job interview…you know, my basic presentation, like past experience… my hobbies. Um, so I think it’s very, BEM is very great. If you have a goal.” The great thing about having dreams and specific goals is that when you finally find the right strategies and the right program–you can achieve them! Here’s what Roman had to say about his goals for Business English Mastery: “I think at the end… we, reach basically my goal…It was really great chatting about the fact that I will begin a new job, what is going on in my life. Uh, so yes, I, I really appreciate the business English Mastery because I had a goal and I, I realized that, um, I could improve my English, uh, in my speaking, overall presentation. And we did write my LinkedIn profile in English as well. So I was really, really like, uh, it was two, two, my two goals for the, for, you know, the private lesson and I achieved them…So it was perfect for me.” Romain’s goals were specific. They were his goals. And one thing that I love about helping hard-working professionals change their English is seeing each of my students reach their own goals. What are your goals? And what could you achieve with the help of a team of expert teachers to guide you and help you get the most from your virtual immersion? Also check out my lesson: Zan’s Story: From no opportunities to practice to confident, natural & comfortable in English

2. Virtual Immersion: What it’s like to have a team of expert teachers to help you.

Business English Mastery works well for professionals who need English for Business–and life! It is made for people with specific goals for their English.. and dreams for the future. I’ve worked hard to create the perfect experience–the right balance of group and individual speaking sessions, so you can find your confidence and reach your specific goals. But there is a secret ingredient: My team of teachers. If you manage a team, I’m sure you already know how important it is to find people who are passionate about what they do. Here’s what Romain had to say about working with his Expert Teacher for his individual lessons and his Student Success Coordinator, Kristina. “Um, for the Business English Mastery for me was all perfect. And, uh, as well, Kristina, just checked on me like two times and it was perfect just to check and say, everything’s good. And I say, ‘Yes, of course, it is!’ And I really love Trisha. So it was perfect.” With Business English Mastery, you have an entire team of teachers behind you. They’re there to help you reach your specific goals, stay motivated. They’re there to check in with you and make sure you’re getting the most out of our program. And they’re also with you for group conversation classes to help boost your confidence further. So, what kinds of results happen when you take highly motivated, hard-working people with goals and dreams and give them a team of teachers to help them change their English? Your English changes! And you change too. You learn something about yourself. Also check out my lesson: How Paule became much more confident speaking English, in 3 months

3. Business English Mastery Results: from “totally afraid to speak English” to confidence & new possibilities…

Do you know what Romain told me in our interview? Before, he was “totally afraid to speak English.” I think that anyone who has had to do Business when they felt unsure of their language skills knows how that feels. I do! But imagine feeling confident doing business AND socializing in English. How easy and convenient it could feel. Let’s hear what Romain had to say: “It’s very great because I meet a lot of people who don’t speak actually French. So I have to speak English with them because it’s the international language basically…yes, it’s very, just convenient to say to myself, I can do it and you don’t have to be afraid of, um, speaking English because I have the basics. So I know I’m just still like confident…” That feeling of confidence is a big difference–knowing you can start a conversation in English in daily life, or in business and that you CAN do it. As Romain finished the program, he realized something else that I hope will reassure you about your own potential in English: “Definitely, just to be more confident and to just say to myself, uh, if you, if you just make a mistake, it’s okay. Like nobody’s perfect and it’s okay.” As Romain and I discussed in the video–it’s not about being perfect at all. It’s about meeting your goals for your Business English and your career. It’s about knowing that you can use your English when you need to–and being confident in that. The results come from the program, from the way it’s organized, from everything my team puts into it. And they come from YOUR goals, your dreams. What could you accomplish in Business English Mastery? Whatever YOUR goals, my team of teachers and I will help you reach them. But you don’t have to take my word for it. There are so many other stories, from busy professionals just like you: Romina, Isabelle, Sébastien… I hope these stories will inspire you and show you that yes, you too, can become confident working in English, and getting those opportunities you want. Also check out my lesson: What I’m most proud of: Benny’s Story.

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