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Review of Master Real American English

I think about people like Benny all the time.

Benny is a past student of Master Real American English.

After he completed the program, he said this:
“I had the question ‘Is my level of English good enough for this program?’ And I think now, it doesn’t matter, you just have to do it. Sure, you have to work and prepare yourself before the sessions, but that’s normal, right? You have to do it if you want to be better.”

Before he joined, he was afraid that his level was not good enough, that he would not be comfortable in the group sessions, that he would not have the time.

But then he said to himself: “I just have to do it!” And he took action…

What happened next

After he finished Master Real American English, Benny felt a lot of changes!

Here are some things he said:

  • “You get used to hearing different accents, like in the real world”
  • “When I’m talking to people I never met before, I’m definitely more comfortable”
  • “I felt that the different parts of the program helped different situations, and altogether, it improved my English”
  • “I got better at different aspects: pronunciation, new words, expressions, idioms… I feel prepared for real life and real situations in English”
  • “I even found new friends…” and “I understand more quickly the lyrics in songs in English!”

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Why I love Benny’s story

In my 15-year career of teaching English, I have presented at international conferences, I have created my own business, become a certified neurolanguage coach, written 2 books, created 3 online courses, developed 4 successful live programs, and hired 6 teachers to work with me.

Sure, I’m proud of these things.

But I’m even more proud of people like Benny, who decide to take action, do the work, and achieve things they didn’t think possible.

That’s why I wanted to share his story with you.

Now imagine, the changes you’ll feel after YOU finish Master Real American English

And if you’re still hesitating, I’ll leave the final words to Benny:

“I think it’s for everybody. You have to work hard to make it work, but it’s fun because you meet people from around the world, you face different situations… And you have a difference in real life. It’s going to prepare you for a real situations.”

If you need to change your English now, click here to apply to join Master Real American English.

See you,

PS : Applications close on Tuesday January 28th.

I’m already contacting students who completed the application form, to answer any final questions and discuss enrollment. Click here to claim your spot in Master Real American English right now.

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