Why you lack confidence in English: Explanations from brain science

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lack confidence in English

“I didn’t like English lessons in school.”

Did you know that your English lessons in school (maybe 20-40 years ago) influence how you feel about speaking English at work?

Crazy, right?

— The Extra Mile: Vocabulary for this email —
(Look for the words with a “ * ” ):

It blows my mind = I’m extremely impressed, surprised, and/or amazed by it
High-stakes situations : Important situations
To chill out = to relax by doing an activity that is calm and pleasant

It blows my mind* how the brain works when you learn English!

For example, if you lack confidence when you speak business English today, the reason why may be in your past!

Maybe your brain was programmed to feel nervous, uncomfortable, or stressed when you speak English in high-stakes situations.*

If you:

  • feel good when you chill out* watching movies in English, but
  • feel nervous when you speak English at work, and
  •  you want to know why…

…watch this episode! There’s some fascinating brain science in it!

Let’s explore this topic together

Maybe you had a good experience with past English lessons. Maybe you had a bad experience. Either way, I want to hear your story!

→ How were your English lessons in the past? And do you think they influence how you feel about speaking English at work today?

Share your accomplishments with us in the comments!

It’ll be fascinating to read stories from around the world!

Have a good week,

P.S. This month, I’m experimenting to make them more interactive, and to help you learn more advanced expressions faster.

Watch the video to discover this new approach, and tell me if you like it (or not!) Thanks!

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