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  1. To improve your business English level, what’s the best use of your valuable time?
  2. What’s better?
  3. More benefits

Important announcement

If you want to become more confident in English in just 12 weeks, NOW is the time to enroll in my Private Lesson Program Speak Business English Confidently.

Enrollment closes this Thursday 26 November. 

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1. To improve your business English level, what’s the best use of your valuable time?

You want to be more fluent & confident when you speak business English, but you don’t always want to “work” on it.

So instead, you:

  • Watch movies in English.
  • Play with Duolingo & other apps
  • Listen to music in English

It’s important to relax, I agree.

But you can spend a lot of time watching movies, and NOT feel a lot of improvement in your confidence & fluency.

2. What’s better?

To become confident speaking English, what’s better:

  1. Watch a 45-minute episode of The Crown on Netflix, OR
  2. Have a 45-minute private lesson with an Expert Teacher?

To become more fluent faster, what’s better:

  1. Spend 1-2 hours each week talking to an app, OR
  2. Spend 1-2 hours talking to real people (with a teacher to help, too!)?

Movies & apps are fun. I love them.

But if you want specific results faster, they are not enough.

That’s why Speak Business English Confidently gives you both private lessons AND conversation practice.

Result: You improve a lot, in just 12 weeks, with topics & situations for YOUR business & everyday conversations.

3. More benefits

With your teachers and with your conversation buddies, you improve more, faster. This is true.

And there’s a 2nd (maybe greater) benefit.

You feel:

  • sure that you’re doing the right things to improve best
  • more connected with other humans (your new “English buddies” around the world!)
  • aligned with your goals, because you’re doing something for YOU

Together, we’re stronger. Movies & apps can’t give you this. My private lesson program can.

Click here to enroll in the Private Lesson Program Speak Business English Confidently today (and get -10% off)

Enrollments close on Thursday 26 November.

I hope you’ll join us!


Le coût de ce programme peut être pris en charge à 100% avec ton CPF ou (compte personnel de formation), ou le plan de formation de ton entreprise.

Pour en savoir plus, contactes-moi à I’m happy to help! 

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