Private business English lessons: Is now a good time?

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Private business English lessons


1. Obstacle #1: “I don’t have time”

2. Obstacle #2: “I don’t know if my level is good enough”

3. Obstacle #3: “I know it’s important, but I can’t now. Later…”

4. Now it’s time to decide. Bonuses disappear Wednesday 18 November 2020

“I don’t have time!”,  “I don’t know if my level is good enough”, “I’ll start a program later”… 

Are you sabotaging yourself with excuses like this?

Let’s eliminate these blockages so you can speak better business English.

Recap of last week’s lesson

Last week, we talked about spending less time and making more improvements in your business English. 

You think “Yeah, Christina. I agree. I have to be smarter about how I spend my time. I can’t just do apps & movies. I need something structured.”

You feel motivated, like “Yeah, I want to do this. But….” 

And there’s always a “but”

You’re motivated to change something in your life, but that means… making a change! That can be uncomfortable at the beginning.

So you start to look for reasons why now is not the right time to change…

1. Obstacle #1: “I don’t have time”

This is the most popular excuse I hear.

In life, there are things that are urgent, and things that are important.

Speaking better business English is important, but perhaps not super urgent. So you say “I’ll do it when I have more time.”

We both know that if it’s not in your calendar, it won’t happen.

So the Private Lesson Program Speak Business English Confidently forces you–in a nice way–to make time for something that is important for you: becoming better in business English.

2. Obstacle #2: “I don’t know if my level is good enough”

First, let me reassure you, 95% of my clients have this fear. It’s a normal human reaction.

That’s why the Speak Business English Confidently Private Lesson Program includes individual lessons. The teacher adapts to your level.

And in the conversation sessions, there is no judgement. The more experienced members help & support the new members.

It’s a friendly, fun atmosphere!

If you have an intermediate level (B1-B2), this program is perfect for you!

3. Obstacle #3: “I know it’s important, but I can’t now. Later…”:

If you’re tired of:

  • feeling a lack of confidence in your business English, and also
  • tired of not doing anything about it

…now is in fact the perfect time to enroll!

You can enroll now and choose when you prefer to start:

  • Immediately (and you can even choose to all of your lessons in the next few weeks!)
  • In December, to have some time to plan
  • In January, if you need to finish 2020 (and want to start 2021 by doing something good for yourself!

I’m super flexible with this program right now, because it’s such a crazy time, and we must adapt.

I know this is important for you, and that it’s not always easy. And I want to support you and help you make it possible.

4. Now is the time to decide: Bonuses disappear Wednesday 18 November 2020

I hope you feel excited now. You see that yes, it is possible to improve your business English, even if you’re busy. Even if you’re shy. Even if right now is a crazy time.

It’s like a weight off your shoulders because you are taking control of your career, your future, and your English confidence.

But don’t wait. Wednesday November 18, 2020 is the final day to get all 5 awesome bonuses:

  • 10% off enrollment price
  • Private diagnostic session to identify & eliminate your blockages
  • “What Was That” resource pack, to eliminate 50 common mistakes
  • Goal-setting journal to stay organized & learn better
  • My guide to brain-friendly learning

Are you ready to become more confident speaking business English?

Let’s do this!

Click here to enroll in the Private Lesson Program Speak Business English Confidently

And if you have any questions, just ask. I’m here to help.

See you there,



Ce programme est éligible aux financements CPF (compte personnel de formation), ou dans le cadre du plan de formation de votre entreprise. Si vous voulez en savoir plus, répondez à ce mail. Mon équipe et moi serons ravies de vous aider.

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