Real conversation: Is Successful Small Talk PERFECT for you? (Discount ends tomorrow)

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I love it when students want to be sure a program is PERFECT for them before they join. They want to be sure they’ll get new skills and value for their career (and life).

When they see everything that’s in the course, they’re often much more committed and enthusiastic about all the progress they’ll make!

Perhaps you still have questions about Successful Small Talk.
Is this program perfect for you?
Is it what you need to feel more confident in everyday conversations?

Here are the most common questions I’ve seen over the last few days. If you’re hesitating about joining the course, then you probably had one of these questions that I didn’t yet answer (Sorry about that!)

(If you want to join the program and just forgot last week, click here to join now. Tomorrow is the final day to get the course for 167€ instead of 297€!)

Let’s jump right in.

1. What if I don’t have the right English level for the course?

Great question! This is not a course for beginners. If you’re below a B1 level, this course is not for you.

However, if you’re at least pre-intermediate, you will definitely get a lot out of Successful Small Talk!

If you’re:

  • Pre-intermediate (B1) → Say what you want: go from “basic structures” to more natural sentences, with better transitions and vocabulary.
  • Intermediate (B2) → Feel confident about your English: Leave your hesitations behind, always have something to say, become comfortable with spontaneous conversation.
  • Advanced (C1) → Fit in like a pro: Sound more like a native speaker with real-life expressions, complex structures, and the nuances of conversation in English.

And for all levels, you’ll learn conversation strategies that will boost your social skills and help you master small talk. That will help you even in your native language!

2. What if I go on vacation in August? Will I miss anything?

When you join Successful Small Talk, you get lifetime access to the online course. You can follow the lessons anywhere, anytime – in two weeks, in six months (and you’ll have new updates too)!

The program, exercises, and even the interactive dialogues to make you practice small talk out loud (that’s very important), they’ll all be here for you, adapting to your own schedule.

If you choose to get the Booster Pack with live lessons by a teacher and conversation practice with other students, they start in September. So feel free to enjoy your summer!

3. OK, but really: does it work? Do I get results? Even though my own culture is different?

Successful Small Talk is designed to help you improve your social skills. You are in a unique situation, that’s true… But there are already a lot of students from many different backgrounds who joined the course – and got a ton of value out of it.

  • 85% of students are professionals; 15% join to learn English for personal reasons.
  • They come from all over the world: Brazil, France, Russia, Côte d’Ivoire, Hong Kong…
  • They work in different fields: Finance, human resources, dog training, flight attendant, entertainment industry, start-up founders, unemployed…

Don’t believe me! Here’s what some of them have to say:

“BEFORE I felt blocked, and NOW, I’m brave enough to try, even if I make mistakes”
—Patrick (Spain)

“I was skeptical about doing an online course for learning English. But it really helped! My conversations are more fluid, and I’m more confident when I speak.”
—Jean-Guillaume (France)

“My life was changed thanks to this course. I got to know people from Spain, Italy, and more. It’s a course where you have no regrets about joining!”
—Anna (Russia)

 4. Hmm, yes, but… Will I have the time to participate fully in the program?

Successful Small Talk is designed to fit in your schedule (even if you’re a busy professional!) You can do the online course anywhere. With only 20 minutes a day, you can quickly learn what you need and get results!

And you lifetime access, so you can progress at your rhythm.

I’ll help you stay motivated and get results, even if you don’t have much time.

  5. What do I get when I enroll?

When you join SST (Essentials or Booster), you get access to:

  • 15 video lessons to watch at your rhythm
  • 15 audio dialogues + complete transcripts
  • 35+ practical exercises on grammar, vocabulary, and conversation skills
  • 15 interactive practice dialogues, in video & audio versions
  • 15 corrections of the practice dialogues, so you can evaluate yourself
  • 5 Successful Small Talk Planners
  • Lifetime access to all of this
  • The new lessons and updated exercises I’ll add later this year

On top of this, the Booster Pack option also adds:

  • Live conversation practice + more vocabulary for 3 months
  • 6 live group lessons to do the course with a teacher

6. Is it really risk-free?

Joining a paid online course can be a difficult decision. But it’s an important one. You shouldn’t let fear influence you. That’s why I made it extra-safe: you have a 30-DAY SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. 

You can try the entire course, and see if it’s right for you. If you don’t get what you wanted: you get your money back. 

Still got questions? I answer 13 other questions in the video below.

If you’re still not sure, send me your question by email.

At this point you should have everything you need to make the best choice for you and your social skills, before the price increases from 167€ to 297€ (at the end of the day tomorrow!).

If that road leads you into Successful Small Talk

Then I look forward to seeing you in the course.

See you soon,

PS : If you decide you want to master small talk in English – then join before tomorrow.
Or you’ll miss out on a special discount and the Booster Pack offer!

I’d hate for you to lose these benefits for a bad reason.

And here’s the link to join the course today at the discounted price

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